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Top Pros Come out for Pardee -  2nd Annual Media Day (continued)

In the dark the proís loaded up as the boats were checked by inspectors and quagga sniffing dogs. Once cleared for launch all the boats were put in and with the sun just starting to edge over the hill for another spectacular Pardee sunrise the roar of engines filled the canyon and echoed through the hills as everyone made their way out of the 5 mph zone.

....he gets the bite but it is a trout.

While both Zander and Cal had fished Pardee before for Gary Dobyns and Byron Velvick this would be the first time on the lake. It was interesting to see how two different pros attacked a new lake, and with very limited time both pros set out to target different types of structure. Gary targeted points to throw a combination of ripbaits and jigs as well as work huds in from deeper water. Byron on the other hand went straight for humps and looked for drop offs to fish swimbaits.

Kent rounded up a serious group of West Coast and National Pros for the event

Gary and Zander dragged jigs slowly, and by slowly we mean a near crawl. The structure felt fantastic but it was hard to coax fish to bite. When it was obvious that the jig wasnít working Gary went to a wacky rigged senko. It didnít take long for the bites to start coming in, but sticking them proved difficult.

Byron Velvick checks out the structure on his electronics

ďThe next fish that hitís Iím setting hard on,Ē Gary murmured. He didnít have to wait long and at the sign of the smallest tick Gary set the hook and started reeling back to the boat, within a few seconds he had a nice trout in the boat. ďDang it, time to throw the big bait,Ē he said and picked up a 8 inch Huddleston swimbait in trout pattern and started working it back from the deep water towards the boat.

Gary switches back to jerkbaits...

Gary moved the Hudd slowly and crawled it back up a rocky point. In the span of 20 minutes he got three more solid hits but wasnít able to stick any of them. It wasnít until Zander and Gary moved back to a brown and purple jig did they start catching bass.

A nice largemouth comes up on a Lucky Craft Staysee 90 Dobyns ver. 3

It was a double treat to fish with Gary as we were able to observe how he transitioned through techniques to find and draw strikes, and had an opportunity to play with Garyís new lineup of revamped rods. Through the morning Zander found the rods more refined in look and feel and the swimbait rods in particular really stood out as they felt lighter, more sensitive, and even better casting than the recently retired rods.

Why is Pardee so fun? Because you can mix it up with largemouth and smallies

Next Section: Cal fishes swimbaits with Byron Velvick










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