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Lure Preview

Optimum Bait Company Introduces Diamonds for Anglers


Date: 5/12/08
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Optimum Baits
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: There are a lot of swimbaits out there and most seek to mimic trout and baitfish both in profile and pattern. Optimum introduces a new “diamond” design that finds its inspiration from the action of a diamond shaped iron jig and its fish catching ability.


Optimum designed the new Double Diamond Swimmer with CAD (computer aided design)


“Diamonds are no longer exclusively a girl’s best friend, “according to Optimum Bait Company CEO Matt Paino. “Diamonds are an angler’s best friend when they're Optimum Bait Company’s Double Diamond Swimmer.”


Intrigued by the action of a diamond-shaped iron jig and its fish catching ability, Paino wondered how that concept would work in soft plastics


Optimum’s newest bait the Double Diamond Swimmer has been in the works for over two years and is the company’s first exclusively CAD (computer aided design) bait. Piano explains that there are a great many swimbaits out there that are remarkably lifelike but the Double Diamond Swimmer’s patent pending design is performance driven.


The DD can be fished weedless with a weighted hook


Intrigued by the action of diamond shaped iron jigs Piano wondered if the concept would work in a soft plastic bait. Instead of being one dimensional like a flat iron jig Piano made the DD multi dimensional. The lure has a diamond profile and a large tail for extra swimming action.


Ian Burke lands a 9lbr with the Double Diamond


The combination of the diamond shape and the tail results in a lure that is designed to deliver three distinct actions which includes a tight zig-zag pattern, swimming with the body rolling, and churning water with a “monstrous tail kick.”


The DD can be fished with a jighead

Rigging the lure is easy with a slot allowing the lure to be rigged weedless using a weighted worm hook. It also can be rigged with a traditional bullet type jighead.


Randy Pringle tests the Double Diamond


Optimum has tested the lure on a number of species and because it can be fished in shallow or deep water the lure has proven effective for bass, stripers, calicos, and walleye. The Double Diamond is available now, and is shipping in a dizzying array of colors. The lures come in both 3 and 5 inch sizes, and 3 or 2 per pack depending on size. Prices will start at 3.99 per pack.










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