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Lure Review



Optimum's Shad That Goes Boom Boom Pow!


Date: 8/19/18
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Optimum
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.50 - GOOD

Sometimes when you're fishing, all you want is a bite, any kind of bite, just to get some action. Other times, you're in search of quality. In those instances, the hunt is on for that one big bite and out here in California that means it's swimbait time. Optimum Bait Company, with the help of their BASS Elite Series Pro, Fred Roumbanis recently developed a soft plastic, paddletail swimbait that's getting a lot of attention out west. We took some time earlier this year to see what the Optimum Boom Boom Shad was all about.


Optimum Boom Boom Shad Specifications

Type Swimbait
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 16
Sizes 4.5" & 6"
MSRP $9.99 - $10.99

Optimum's Boom Boom Shad comes in two sizes, a four and a half inch and a six inch.

Impressions: Optimum's Boom Boom Shad comes in two sizes, a four and a half inch and a six inch (4.5" & 6"). They come packages of three or two depending on the size and the 6" is actually available pre-rigged with an internal metal harness ending in a treble hook sticking out between the pectoral fins in the belly. However, the original, unrigged version can be fished weedless when rigged with a weighted, screw lock swimbait hook.


The 4.5" rigged for some testing.

Real World Tests: I fished this bait on a couple of different setups finally settling on my Ark Rods Invoker IVK70MXC matched with a 13 Fishing Concept Z reel spooled with sixteen pound Sunline Machine Gun Cast nylon monofilament for the 4.5" Boom Boom Shad, and an Ark Rods Sniper SNP76MHXC paired with my Revo X-Winch spooled with 50lb Daiwa J-Braid in white topped with a 16lb Sunline Sniper leader for the pre-rigged 6".

Gamakatsu's weighted EWG hooks with spring-lock bait keepers are a good choice in hook.


Castability : Casting is rarely an issue with paddletail swimbaits. The Boom Boom Shad is not the most aerodynamic bait, nor is it weighted for optimal casting efficiency, but it is small enough to where these things just don't matter. This is a very easy bait to cast, and more importantly, pitch to your spots. Sure it waggles in the air, but none of that affects accuracy, distance, or the readiness of the bait to be fished once it lands in the water.


Just wind the bait onto the bait keeper.

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