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Reel Review

This ONE Baitcaster Delivers Great Value: The 13 Fishing Origin (continued)


Price and Applications: There are a lot of choices when it comes to reels but when comparing the ONE3 Origin-A and Origin-C the choice was an easy one for us. While the Origin-A bears an attractive 79 dollar price point the Origin-C is a better reel in just about every way. The Origin-C, with the aluminum frame, feels much more solid and refined than the Origin C, and it also comes with better bearings and a more robust drag as well.


We were surprised to find bearings in the Origin-A knobs

The Origin-A fishes just fine but it also feels reminiscent of a "value" reel and the composite frame feels hollow under load. In stark comparison the Origin-C fishes like a reel that could easily retail for 50 dollars more, and delivers a more substantial and solid feel, both while palming and when there is a big fish on the line.


A bearing can be found in each Origin-C knob as well

While we can certainly recommend the Origin-A at the 80 dollar price point for value oriented users we also do not hesitate to recommend the Origin-C over the Origin-A when all things are considered. So unless you absolutely do not want to deal with the matte white finish the choice is clear, and for only 20 dollars more the Origin-C offers a better balance of price and performance.


The Origin-C fishes like a more expensive reel

In terms of competition the 100 dollar price point has recently gotten a lot more crowded and anglers do have a number of good options. Shimano offers the Casitas 150 at 99 dollars and the Caenan 150A at 79 dollars, Daiwa’s new Fuego CT is a very good contender at 99 dollars, Lew’s has their new Mach Speed Spool MCS at 99 dollars, Quantum’s “Flippin Bar” enabled Accurist is 99 dollars, and Abu Garcia just introduced the Revo X Gen 4 reel which is also only 99 dollars. Like I said, lots of choices! Most anglers will likely stick with the brand that they are most loyal to but when it comes to modern styling and a balanced package the ONE3 Origin-C is definitely worth considering among all these contenders.


Overall the Origin-A is a good value reel that is worth the money

Think the Origin Series black or white finishes are a little too mundane? Another feature that might just put the new series over the edge versus the competitors is the fact that these reels are also Trick Shop compatible so you can customize them with anodized spools, handles, and carbon fiber handles, just like 13 Fishing’s higher end baitcasters.


If I only could pick one Origin reel which one would it be? Without a doubt the ONE3 Origin-C gets my vote


Ratings: (We've re-calibrated our ratings standard for 2008 and have included a key at the bottom of the following matrix as a guide):

13 Fishing ONE3 Origin-C (Origin-A) Reel Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Origin-C boasts the better build quality with an aluminum frame, higher grade bearings and a beefier drag. The Origin-A is built more like a traditional value reel with a composite frame and greater use of raw plastic 8.5 (7.5)
Performance Both Origin reels performed well throughout tests and held up against big fish. Both reels also proved to be quality casters but in each and every test the Origin-C proved to be more refined, and when it comes to retrieve the Origin-C delivered superior winching power under load 8.5 (8)
Price The Origin-A is the lower priced reel but for only 20 dollars delta our price ratings skew towards the Origin-C as it delivers more bang for the buck 8 (7.5)
Features Both reels offer plenty of features including a swept handle, quality cast control system, Japanese Hamai cut gears, and the Origin-C adds an aluminum frame, high spin bearings, and a better drag. The icing on the cake? Both reels are Trick Shop compatible 9 (8)
Design (Ergonomics) Both reels exhibit quality ergonomics and while the Origin-A is lighter the Origin-C's matte finish offers a quality grip when palming 8 (8)
Application The Origin Series reels are designed to run the complete gamut of mainstream applications and the addition of the new TX version increases the range to include applications beyond inshore. Both of the reels we tested can easily handle bass fishing applications ranging from light plastics work to throwing big baits 8 (8)

Total Score

8.33 - Origin-C

(7.83 Origin-A)

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Origin C Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

+ Good materials including an aluminum frame - Matte white finish does get dirty, but luckily a little soap and water is all it takes to clean the reel
+ Reliable centrifugal cast control system - Sideplate needs to be fully detached to access cast control system
+ Very low profile and compact design makes the reel very palmable  
+ Quality bearings, even in the handles  
+ Integrated hook holder  
+ Great bang for the buck! Fishes like a higher end reel  

Conclusion: 13 Fishing has quickly grown their reel and rod product line to cover everything from value to enthusiast, and even provided anglers with the ability to tailor their rigs and really make them your own with Trick Shop accessories and even gone the enthusiast route by offering one of a kind limited edition hand painted offerings.


The Origin-A is a good reel at a reasonable price, this reel gets the job done nicely and is still fun to fish

As a company 13 Fishing certainly isn’t one to shy away from taking chances or doing things a little differently than the rest of the industry. What will they come up with next? A high performance reel with no bearings? Oh wait, they just did that at ICAST with the upcoming Concept-Z.


The ONE3 Origin-C is an excellent reel for the money, delivering exceptional bang for the buck and proving that reels under the 100 dollar price point don't have to feel like your making compromises. The Origin-C is the "ONE" to get

While the Origin-A and Origin-C reels are on the other side of the price spectrum they still manage to deliver plenty when it comes to quality and sheer fish-ability. There are a lot of reels out there between 80-100 dollars that will get the job done, but how many of them are products that you actually want to fish? Both of the ONE3 reels are fun enough to fish but it is the Origin-C that really delivers the feature-set and performance above its price point. The Origin-C isn’t just a better reel than the Origin-A, it is also a better value for the money as well. Twenty dollars is a small additional investment when you consider all the upgrades that the Origin-C offers and is a deserving recipient of our Best Value Award, and is the ONE to get!

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