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Watercraft Maintenance Preview

Preview: Introducing No Sweat Mist's line of quality boat protectants

Date: 4/7/06
Tackle type: Watercraft
Manufacturer: No Sweat Mist
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: Maintenance is the bane of many an angler's free time, and free time usually translates into potential fishing trips. Of particular consuming nature is the relentless task of keeping our rides (both cars and boats) clean, polished, and protected from the harmful effects of ultra-violet rays. Those of us with fiberglass boats who worry about the longevity of our boats' gelcoats, can spend countless hours applying wax, polish, and other sealants as part of our preventative maintenance program. Enter No Sweat Mist, a new line of protectants and cleaners, relying on sex-appeal and humor to market their 100 percent silicone free and American made product. Developed with a "keep it simple, stupid" (KISS) motto, their product is easy to apply, and easy to remove yet reportedly, still provides maximum protection to afford busy people like us with as much free time as possible to enjoy our true passions.


No Sweat Mist's Hard-On H2O Spot Remover and Quick Spray Shine Enhancer products


Quick Spray Shine Enhancer: The trademark product in No Sweat Mist's line is their Quick Spray Shine Enhancer, a non abrasive, spray on, wipe off protectant polish. This polish is intended for regular use over your base wax to prolong the life of the wax and help maximize UV protection of vehicles' surfaces. It replenishes the shine of your vehicle without removing the underlying protective coatings, and, like all No Sweat Mist products, is 100% silicone free, for body-shop safe protection.


No Sweat Mist's products are easy to apply, silicone free, and 100% American made


Hard-On H20 Spot Remover: For those dried on, hard to remove water and mineral deposit stains, No Sweat Mist offers their Hard-On H20 Spot Remover, a specially formulated cleaner that dissolves and lifts these stains before they etch their way in and bond to the surface of your boat. This product is also free of abrasives and is safe for regular use. No Sweat Mist recommends using this product in conjunction with their above Shine Enhancer to maintain full UV protection.


No Sweat Mist's Boat and Car Polishers with PTEF


Boat Buff Marine & Car Buff Premium Auto Polish: Of course, what line of polishes and protectants would be complete without a premium product that helps clean and shine your boat or car at the same time. These two polishing products from No Sweat Mist contain PTEF® (a Star Brite registered trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene, the generic version of Teflon®), and contains some mild abrasives, safe for use even up to 2 or 3 times a year. These products, reportedly, bond to the surface of your vehicle for a longer lasting, impervious protective coating against pollutants and other harmful substances in both the air and water. Boat Buff Marine and Car Buff Premium Auto Polishes are built to withstand even the harshest of environments.


No Sweat Mist products laid out and ready to put to use on the TT Watercraft


Conclusion: Unfortunately, the evaluation of maintenance products such as these are a long term endeavor. As such, we'll be using the products from No Sweat Mist throughout the year on our boats and cars to judge for ourselves, how easy they are to use, and how well they protect our vehicles. I, for one, am pretty bad about maintaining the finish on my boat so I welcome the advent of a product that is marketed as easy to use yet does not compromise on protection. I am also well aware, when it comes to protective products, the usual motto is, "the harder the work, the better the shine", so I'll be watching closely, and intently on how well this suite of products shines and protects my and our other editors' rides. For now, those wishing to find out more information about the No Sweat Mist product, and perhaps, try it out for yourselves, check out their website at NoSweatMist.com. Be forewarned, their intro page, though truly entertaining, is not for the faint of heart!











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