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Lure Review


TWB : Molix's Hollow Bodied Walker


Date: 11/19/18
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

There's little doubt the topwater hollow body frog is a favorite bait amongst bass fishermen for its extreme weedless presentation and the ease by which you can cast, pitch, or skip it into the tightest of spaces. In recent years, we've seen a few variations on the frog theme from shad profile baits to poppers - all with the same basic hollow body construction. Today, we take a look at yet another variation on this theme. Here's our look at Molix's Supernato Beetle.


Introducing Molix's SuperNato Beetle topwater hollow body bait.


Molix Supernato Beetle Specifications

Type Hollow Body Bait
Length 3"
Weight 3/16oz & 5/8oz
Material Soft Plastic
Colors 8
MSRP $10.98 - $13.99


It is patterned from the European Stag Beetle.


Impressions: Molix's Supernato Beetle is a topwater, hollow bodied adaptation of a stag beetle - a European beetle distinguished by its large mandibles that resemble horns or even antlers.


One look at this bait and you can see the frog resemblance. While this bait's head design is every bit beetle, the bait's body is prototypical hollow bodied frog. It's really quite a clever variant on the entire hollow body bait genre.

The Stag Beetle can be distinguished by its large mandibles which serve as a natural set of water catching wings on this bait.

Real World Test: I fished this bait off an on over the Summer of 2017 on a variety of different combinations but always with braided line. While many prefer super long, flipping style sticks with which to fish their hollow bodied topwater baits, my preference is for a stick somewhere between 6'-9" to 7'-2". I feel this allows me to side cast and whip these types of baits into tight spaces more so than I could with a longer rod. I also prefer retrieve ratios from about 7.4 and above partially because this allows me to work the baits somewhat quickly, but also because reels with a high gear ratio allow you to take up slack line fast for those hooksets.

Otherwise, the body of this bait is pretty traditional hollow body construction.

Castability : Molix's SuperNato Beetle casts as easily as any topwater frog. Granted, the bait is not as streamlined as a frog imitation, but the mandibles do not get in the way when you try to whip or skip the bait into tight spaces. It's equally aerodynamic when making casts for distance too.

The frog-style hook protrudes from the bait in traditional fashion.

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