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Swimbait Review


Buongiorno! An Aggressively Priced Glide Bait from Molix


Date: 10/26/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.75 + BEST VALUE AWARD

Versace, Prada, Armani, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, some of the most famous brands in the world hail from a country that can trace its roots the Roman Empire: Italy. Bold, progressive, often whimsical, and downright desirable are hallmarks of Italian design. A lot of this spirit can be found in Italian fishing manufacturer Molix. From their Supernato hollow body baits to imaginative soft plastics like their SC Bug and Vincex Craw, to their triple armed spinnerbait, the Lover, Molix brings a fun spirit to their bait products. Up until now, what had been missing from the company's catalog was a contender in the increasingly competitive big bait market. That void has been filled. Here's a look at the brand new Molix Glide Bait Swimbait.


Molix Glide Bait Specifications

Type 2-Piece Glide Bait
Length 7 inches
Weight 2 3/4 oz
Class Slow Sinking
Material Resin
Colors 4
MSRP $25.99


Introducing Molix's new Glide Bait


Impressions: Molix's Glide Bait is a seven inch, two-piece bait featuring articulated dorsal, pectoral, and anal fins to match its tail. The pectoral fins are glued to the side of the bait, so I assume serve no real functional role in how the bait swims. The scale pattern on the side of the bait is realistic as opposed to the criss-cross score marks used by the majority of bait manufacturers. Detail around the bait's head with regard to the gills, mouth, and eyes is meticulous. These many subtle and some not so subtle details are worthy of the bait's Italian design roots and give it a character that transcends its price point.

Time to tie it up and get on the water!

Real World Tests: I paired my Molix Glide Bait with a rod that reflects a similar fun, aggressive style, my Phenix Rods M1 MX-UR80H. To add a little more excitement to the mix, instead of using my Daiwa 2018 Ryoga 1520L-CC (featured in that rod's review), this time, I paired that stick with my neglected and almost forgotten Shimano Scorpion MGL151. I spooled the MGL151 with 20lb SpiderWire Ultracast and paired it my Phenix M1 MX-UR80H swimbait stick for these tests.

A realistic scale pattern is molded into the side

Castability: Molix's Glide Bait is not built with any type of internal balancing system to aid with casting. I'm not aware of any multi-piece baits that are. Systems like this usually move the weight from belly to tail in a cast (and back again during retrieve) and in a multi-piece bait, that means the weight would have to travel from one section of the bait to another and that's not possible with joints separating each section running perpendicular to the bait's horizontal access.

There are pectoral fins attachments for realism though they are fixed to the side of the bait

Just the same, there's little difficulty in casting this two and three quarter ounce (2.75oz) bait. It has plenty of mass with which to build proper casting momentum and with a smooth casting motion it will fly relatively straight and true. Employ a snap cast or whip your wrist while making a cast. Why is this important? When a bait tumbles in the air during a cast, it's far less aerodynamic. Therefore it won't fly as far and often not as straight, i.e. it affects the distance and accuracy of your cast. So when launching big baits, it's best to practice a nice, smooth, casting motion.

A look inside the joint reveals an open structure

Rate of Fall: Molix's Glide Bait is a slow sink bait descending at a rate of about two feet for every three seconds or one foot for every one and a half seconds all plus or minus depending on conditions. It does so in a neutral body position (parallel to the surface), so it's ready to go at any point once you begin your retrieve.

This side is sealed

Ease of Actuation: Click your reel over to begin your retrieve and the Molix Glide Bait immediately begins swimming side to side in what I'd describe as a medium-wide S-motion. It's not tight like a lot of smaller baits, nor is it super wide. The good thing about this bait is you can retrieve it at any speed from slow to super fast and it swims true. Pause your retrieve and it does all the usual tricks like turning around, dashing to one side and pausing, etc.. I've gone away from doing too much of this in my fishing as it often results in the bait's hooks catching my slack line as it floats around in the water.

The bait's line tie is horizontal lending itself well to side to side motion

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