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Lure Review

A Hot West Coast swimbait with a patented easy to rig system... the Megabait L.A. Slider

Date: 6/13/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: MegaBait
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.91

Introduction: The swimbait craze shows no signs of letting up anytime soon, and many companies are developing new and improved designs that deliver more action, offer a more realistic appearance, and are easier than ever to rig. The new MegaBait L.A. Slider is one of these new swimbaits, and includes an innovative design that makes rigging effortless.


MegaBait L.A. Slider Specifications

Type Swimbait
Jig head sizes 1/2 to 1.5 oz with 6/0 hook
Body sizes 5 and 6 inches
Colors 8 available
Price $3.99 for 6" combo (1 body+1 head) $4.29 for 5" combo (2 body+1 head)

Impressions: There is a whole collection of swimbaits today but when we first took a look at the new MegaBait LA Slider it still made us do a serious double-take, and it appears the same happened to the judges at the 2004 ICAST as well where this lure took the Best of Show in the lure category. What makes this lure stand out is not just the realistic appearance of the soft swimbait body but it's the patented "Quick Change" system. The system is made for easy rigging and allows anglers to interchange jig head weights without damaging the soft plastic, and all this done in quick fashion.


Introducing the MegaBait L.A. Slider soft swimbait


In addition to this neat innovative system the swimbait comes in eight effective colors that cover both freshwater and saltwater species of game fish. The soft plastic body contains fins and lines to add contrast and 3-D eyes for a more realistic appearance.


Complete Rig for L.A. Slider

Rod AiRRUS Spectra AFT
Reel Daiwa TDA 153HST
TICA Caiman CA150
Line 12 lb. Sufix Elite
20 lb. Big Game

Field Tests: Swimbaits are great lures because they aren't made to just target a single species. With a single size I'm able to target multiple species of fish from largemouth bass to stripers to cod to halibut. We swam the LA Slider for many of those species and had terrific results.


Rigging only involves slipping the jig head in the "Quick Change" cavity


Rigging: Remember the last time you rigged a soft body swimbait where you took the jig head, eyed where the hook should come through, then start threading the hook into the body. Sometimes it came out perfect and sometimes it just had an annoying non-straight body because you either went too far or not far enough. It's time to put that memory away for good because we now have the LA Slider by MegaBait. The LA Slider is made for quick and easy rigging of the jig head and the hook always appears in the correct position. We really liked the new design because it was so simple to rig up that we were able to get the lure into the water quicker than ever.


Slip and slide, the MegaBait jig head is ready


With the LA Slider there is a patented custom cavity that is made to hold onto MegaBait's jig heads. All you have to do is take the jig head, wet it with water or fish attractant, then insert the lead head into the slot on the back of the swimbait. Complete the rigging process by sliding the jig head forward until the eyelet comes out of the head. It's that simple!


Throughout the soft plastic you'll see detailed lines and fins to give the swimbait a more realistic appearance


Casting: Casting the LA Slider in all its sizes with 12 and 20 pound test line comes easy. The swimbait body already has a good weight to it, and after adding the jig head of your desired size this will further increase the weight making it easy to propel this lure a great distance.

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