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Rod Review


A Stick Without A Name : Megabass's VKC-78H-4


Date: 7/1/22
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 + EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Stick around long enough as a rod manufacturer and the chances of producing a stick that hearkens fond memories among dedicated fans by simply stating the model number are pretty good. When you're a company like Megabass, those memories are even more easily invoked for the names associated with each model. Case in point, the legendary White Python was an Ultimate Enthusiast Award winner here at TackleTour back in 2008 and to this day remains a favorite to those in the know. How easy it was then, to muster up the motivation to sample the subject of today's review when I learned it was a decedent of this legendary stick. Let's take a look at Megabass's Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-78H-4.


Megabass Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-78H-4 Specifications

Material Carbon and Glass Composite
Length 7'-8"
Line Wt. Max 40lb / PE 6.0
Lure Wt. Max 120g (~4.25oz)
Pieces 4
Guides 9+tip (Fuji SS/SiC)
Rear Handle Length 13.75"
Power Rating Heavy
Taper Medium-Fast
Rod Weight 6.8oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $369

Let's take a look at Megabass's Valkyrie World Expedition VKC-78H-4

Impressions: The VKC-78H-4 is one of nine sticks offered in Megabass's Valkyrie World Expedition series of travel rods. Each model breaks down into four pieces and is built from a blank rolled with, in Megabass's words, four layers of lightweight, high sensitivity carbon, and high elasticity glass fiber. Fully assembled, the VKC-78H-4 is seven feet, eight inches (7'-8") long and rated up to four ounces in lure weight. However, it has a short-ish rear handle of just under fourteen inches when measured from the back of the reel seat to the butt end. Guides are Fuji, stainless steel framed SiCs.


The VKC 78H-4 comes with a non-cutaway reel seat


References to the White Python are actually somewhat obscure simply stating this stick inherits its blank performance from the former F7-76RSDti. The ratings are somewhat similar but this travel rod lacks the same degree of style and detailing as the White Python. In fact, taken as a whole, it is very understated for a Megabass rod.

This stick also has a rather large foregrip

Real World Tests: Of course, references allude to performance not style, so onto the water I went. I paired my VKC-78H-4 with a couple of reels during its on the water trials. The first was with my Abu Garcia Morrum ZX 3601 spooled with a fresh supply of Sunline Defier nylon monofilament in twenty two pound (22lb) test. The second was my '21 Shimano Conquest 201HG spooled with fifty pound (50lb) Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid and a topshot leader of thirty pound (30lb) Seaguar Gold Label FC.

The VKC-78H-4's sweet spot for lure weight is in the two to three ounce range but it can handle baits up to four ounces with little issue

Casting: Had this rod come to me during last year's Rat Rumble, I've no doubt it would have seen action fishing nothing but topwater rats. As it turns out, by the time it did arrive in my dirty little paws, despite my continued obsession to acquire more, I was burnt out on fishing rats. Instead, to test this rod, I fished other large, billed baits that wake, crank, and dive and then threw in the occasional glide to mix things up. In other words, I fished it as a big bait stick.

The VKC-78H-4 comes with Fuji guides featuring stainless steel frames with SiC inserts

The VKC-78H-4's lure rating is accurate. Its sweet spot for lure weight is in the two to three ounce range but it can handle baits up to four ounces with little issue. The challenge with this stick isn't lure weight, but rather that afore mentioned, relatively short rear handle. Just another inch or two in length on the back would make it ideal for launching the heavier baits. On the bright side, with that shorter length on the back comes one key advantage - working topwater baits. Given the length of its rear handle, the VKC-78H-4 makes a really nice option for big, topwater baits like Megabass's own Megadog. That bait is at or just beyond the stick's upper recommended lure rating, but it can handle it.

Megabass's own Megadog is at the VKC-78H-4's upper limit in recommended lure rating, but the stick can handle this bait fine

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