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Lure Review



Megabass's New Sleeper Craw : Just Tie It On, Pitch It Out, and Get Bit


Date: 5/9/23
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.33 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

One of the surest methods to get anglers to bite as both fishermen and consumers is with realistic craw profiles. Anyone who has fished with live crawdads knows the effectiveness of this little delicacy, so a bait that imitates the crustacean just makes sense. Unfortunately, not all realistic craw baits are effective. In fact, the baits that resemble a craw only in passing are often better at eliciting that bite than those that look real to our eyes. With that in mind, when Megabass of America debuted their latest take on a crawfish imitator, the Sleeper Craw, my reaction was both of skepticism and excitement. Skepticism for the afore mentioned experience with realistic craw profile baits, and excitement because if had to choose a manufacturer to overcome that obstacle, Megabass would be high on the list. Let's take a look.


Megabass Sleeper Craw Specifications

Type Crawfish Imitator
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 17
Size 3"
Weight 5/8oz
Scent/Plastic Treatment Yes, unspecified
# per package 1
MSRP $9.99


Impressions: We first reported on Megabass of America's Sleeper Craw back in 2021 with an anticipated arrival in Spring of 2022. Supply chain and production issues continue to plague many companies world wide and pushed the availability of this bait to Spring of '23. Re-introduced at this past year's Classic, initial deliveries of the bait have been selling out as quickly as it arrives on store shelves.


Introducing Megabass's Sleeper Craw


They are sold individually and offered in typical plastic clamshell and cardboard packaging. The bait is made from some type of stretchy, soft plastic compound found in a lot of today's baits. It has a very realistic profile but a tall back to help conceal the hook point. The claws are actually split with the tips lightly stuck together and easily separated leaving the user to decide how they want to fish them.

The Sleeper Craw was one of my go-to baits at the beginning of the '23 fishing and testing season helping me get bit with a variety of rod and reel combos

Real World Tests: The Sleeper Craw was one of my go-to baits at the beginning of the '23 fishing and testing season helping me get bit with a variety of rod and reel combos so I could evaluate those products in real world conditions. Line setups were always braid to a fluorocarbon leader of about ten to twelve pound test - usually Seaguar Tatsu or Gold Label. The underlying braid has been everything from Daiwa JBraid Grand to Power Pro's Hollow Ace this season.

Just tie it on as you would a jig


Ease of Rigging : With the sleeper craw, there's no rigging per-SE. Just it on and cast or pitch it out. At five eights of an ounce (5/8oz) it's a very easy bait to present any matter of ways. It's essentially a jig, so pitching in tight to visible structure like stumps, tree trunks and docks works well as well as casting out into open flats.


The hook is concealed within the body but pops easily pops out


Ease of Actuation : On the descent, the bait takes a defensive posture with the claws rising above the torso and even waving ever so subtly as it sinks. The claws will do the same if swum back to the boat with any pace on your retrieve. When hopped along the bottom, the bait behaves just like a typical jig with the claws waving up and down. You can get the claws to move about a bit if you shake your rod tip. They are very buoyant and responsive to any action you try to impart in the bait.


In fact, the entire jighead and hook are easily removed for closer inspection


Position at Rest : On the bottom, the claws once again rise as the bait sits in almost identical posture to a crawdad trying to ward off would be predators. The Sleeper Craw looks very realistic - at least to human eyes - on the bottom. I add that qualification because quite often, with craw imitators, what looks real to us, is not necessarily effective with the fish.


The hook actually feels small when removed from the soft plastic body

Durability : At nearly $10 a piece, the Sleeper Craw's greatest asset is its durability. That soft plastic compound from which it is made is very similar, or the same, as the elastic-ish soft plastic material popularized by Z-Man. It is very flexible, sometimes too flexible. There have been several occasions, after removing the bait from a fish's mouth where the body of the bait has somehow gone through the hook and the bait just doesn't look right.

The bait's jighead is molded to better fit and reinforce the soft plastic body

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