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Lure Review


Here to Challenge Your Imagination : Megabass of America's Garuda


Date: 11/25/19
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal


Megabass of America has been hard at work globalizing the brand's name creating and refining product that not only works in Japan, but in other parts of the world too, and really, primarily, North America. They've had some intriguing bait introductions over the last couple of years and others that feel more like an effort to fill out their catalog. Today, we're taking a closer look at a bait that falls into the former category. Here's our take on Megabass of America's Garuda.


Megabass of America Garuda Specifications

Type Floating Big Bait
Length 9.25"
Weight 4.5oz
Depth 4-6ft
Material Plastic
Colors 4
Hooks 2x 2/0 - brand not specified
MSRP $124.99


Introducing Megabass of America's Garuda


Impressions: Megabass of America's Garuda is nine and a quarter inch (9.25"), three-piece bait weighing in at right around four and half ounces. It's made of plastic, not wood, and is equipped with two treble hooks on its underside (brand not specified). But what you see out of the box doesn't tell the entire story for this bait.


Zander showing us this nine and a quarter inch, three-piece bait weighing in at right around four and half ounces


If you look closely behind the bait's diving bill, there's a wire loop. This loop is an attachment point for weights allowing you to weigh the Garuda's head down causing it to dive further than the natural 4-6 feet for which it is rated.


The Garuda is so much more than just a wake bait


On the top of the bait, there's this odd looking, very shallow channel. Turns out there are magnets installed under this channel intended to hold a top hook (not included with the packaging) so that you can remove the bait's trebles and attempt to fish this bait on the bottom.

There was only one rod option in my arsenal to throw this bait - the F10-711X Onager

Real World Tests: With so many rigging options, I didn't know where to begin with this bait! When faced with situations like this, it's always best to take a deep breath and just return to basics. Leveraging that calmer mindset, I pulled my F10-711X Onager down off the ceiling rack, unsheathed it, and gave it a nice wipe down in preparation for battle. Its partner, my beloved Daiwa Ryoga Shrapnel sounded a bit rough its last time out on the water, but nothing a couple drops of ReelX couldn't cure.

See that channel on top of the lure? It's for rigging a top hook

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