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Rod Review


Re-Enforcing the Viability of Spinning Gear, Megabass's New F4.5-74XXS


Date: 6/6/18
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.50 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD!

In March, we shared with you our first impressions of Megabass of America's refreshed Orochi XX lineup after a day on the water with CEO Yuskei Murayama and a collection of his late model prototypes. In late April, the production sticks arrived at their Northern California headquarters on a day I just happened to be there picking up some Destroyer sticks to fill out my collection.


Our first detailed look at the refreshed Orochi XX.


A quick text to Zander inquiring if he wanted to purchase any of the rods for his own his use and sure enough a handful of the new Orochi XX sticks found their way to my vehicle as well. Two sticks for Zander, and two for myself. We've been fishing these new sticks ever since and here now is our first official review on a model that is brand new to the Orochi XX lineup. Introducing the F4.5-74XXS Enforcer.


Megabass 18 Orochi XX F4.5-74XXS Enforcer Specifications

Material X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blank ("kabt")
Length 7'-4"
Line Wt. 8-20lb
Lure Wt. 1/4 - 5/8oz
Pieces One
Guides 8+tip (Fuji SS/SiC)
Rear Handle Length 11
Power Rating Medium
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 4.9oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $299

The kabt wrap features mysterious metal fibers.

Impressions: In our preview article, I shared my initial thoughts on the Enforcer and how it felt like a Search for One candidate in a spinning configuration. It is a seven foot, four inch (7'-4") stick made from Megabass's new X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blank code named "kabt" (pronounced 'kabutoh'). Megabass of America outfits this stick with Fuji, stainless steel framed guides featuring SiC inserts. The original Orochi XX's came with Alconite guides.


This small little aesthetic touch is all that's needed to give Orochi XX a much more JDM-esque feel.


The Enforcer's rear grip is full length cork tapered from both ends to the middle and accented there with a ring of carbon fiber material bordered by two metal winding checks. It is a very simple, yet elegant detail. The Enforcer's reel seat is somewhat standard in design but is constructed well.

First up in our review cycle? The F4.5-74XX Enforcer.

Real World Tests: I paired the Enforcer with my Megabass LIN258 HM spooled with ten pound (10lb) test Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 in smoke. I normally err on the side of stealth with spinning gear, but I'm in the middle of testing this new Fireline and I was really curious to see how this combo would come together aesthetically. After putting it all together, I'm quite pleased to say the final result is worthy of the rod's moniker.

Matched with a Megabass LIN258 HM spooled with Fireline Ultra 8 in smoke.

Casting: Admittedly, I had to resist the temptation to tie on a drop shot rig at the end of this combo. It's just automatic these days when I pick up a spinning combo, to tie on a drop shot rig. No, the Enforcer is about far more than just finesse, so instead, I slipped on a bobber stopper, followed it up with the smallest tungsten bullet weight in my terminal tackle box, and tied on a Trokar Light Wire Finesse worm hook.

The quality of cork has been upgraded.

The first bait to have the honor of breaking in my new combo? Molix's take on the classic soft stick bait, their Sidus worm (code name Sidious here at TT). Fittingly enough, my very first cast with this entire set up ended up about fifteen feet from the boat in a thud of a splash. The rod's power coupled with the new fishing line and the normal sized bait (as opposed to a drop shot rig with the long leader) all inspired a first cast almost worthy of America's Home Video - almost.

Detailing at the top of the reel seat.

I quickly reeled in my faux pas, returned to ready position, prepared myself mentally, and recast. This time, the Enforcer's snappy tip rewarded me with a nice cast as the Fireline Ultra 8 sailed through those SiC guides. All manner of levity aside, the Enforcer really does respond well in both the load and unload of a cast. As was my experience with late model prototype, the production rod is excellent in the task of casting baits throughout its range and even a little bit above and below.

The Enforcer's blank is unfinished and unsanded.

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