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Enthusiast Review

Swimbait Rod Wars Installment #7 : The Megabass White Python


Date: 4/23/08
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.0


Introduction: Some, myself included, would argue that most of what's exciting and new in terms of bass fishing reels originates overseas in Japan. Hence the affinity of many of our readers for what we refer to as JDM (or Japanese Domestic Market) products. However, Shimano and Daiwa are quickly closing any gaps in this market.


The White Python arrives in this mysterious white cloak...


Contrast that perspective with fishing rods, or very specifically, swimbait rods and quite the opposite is true. The products that are thought of as true swimbait sticks are mostly US Domestic offerings. Our earlier review of Evergreen International's Balista would seem to reinforce this thinking. But much like how Shimano and Daiwa are closing the gap in reels, albeit internally, the Japanese rod manufacturers have really picked up the pace in the last year or two, bringing to market US-style swimbait sticks with the typical JDM high end componentry.


... bearing the familiar characters Ki Shu (hand of devil) Bu Shin (heart of Buddha).


One Japanese rod manufacturer is at the leading edge of this overseas wave having introduced a line of "Huge Impact" sticks several years ago. We took a look at one of these rods last year. A stick borrowing its namesake from the devil himself, the Mephisto. Only this stick was much too short in stature to be considered a true a swimbait stick. Today, the Swimbait Rod Wars takes us into the lair of the Mephisto's taller, more big bait appropriate sibling: Introducing the Megabass White Python.

Megabass F7-76RDti White Python Specifications

Material MB D.N.A. Graphite + Rare Metal Composites
Length 7'-6"
Length from Back of Reel Seat to Base 13"
Line Wt. 12 - 32lbs
Lure Wt. 3/8 - 4 oz
Pieces One
Guides 9 + tip (Fuji Ti/SiC all double footed)
Power Rating Extra Heavy
Taper Mod-Fast
Rod Weight 7.6 ounces
Manufacturing Country Japan
MSRP $609

Impressions: If the Mephisto conjures images of all that is dark and evil in tackle, the White Python comes with the suggestion you've died and gone to tackle heaven. Arriving in a white shroud reminiscent of mourning rituals in many Asian cultures, the F7-76RDti takes us to a place we've not been in quite some time - back to the mystical mindset of the original TD-Ito suite of bass reels.


Megabass's Orochi line of rods have been out for several years now

Reminiscent of those reels are the characters found on the white shroud that protects the F7-76RDti: Ki Shu (hand of the devil), and Bu Shin (heart of Buddha). As you may recall, interpretation of these characters, in relation to fishing, can be taken as a warning that "while this equipment may provide you the tools by which to fish 'like the devil', don't let this transformation spread to your 'Buddha heart'." Or, as we've so conveniently condensed, "fish with mindfulness : beware the darkside". The White Python could, quite possibly, spoil you for all other big bait sticks.

Introducing the F7-76RDti White Python

Lab Tests: Mindful of this proverb, I fished the White Python for a good year before actually strapping it up to the RoD WRACK. Why? Because I purchased it with the sole intent of fishing one bait and one bait only, the 3:16 Lure Company Wake Jr.. It just seemed appropriate. On top of that, we had already reviewed a couple of rods from within Megabass's Orochi lineup, so writing about the White Python seemed to be overkill. Then along came the RoD WARS and the need for representatives from across the sea and voilà!

Lab Results for Megabass F7-76RDti White Python

Avg RoD (2-48 oz)
Rated Action
Measured Weight
Balance Point
Megabass F7-76RDti
7.6 Ounces
Dobyns Rods 795ML
8.5 Ounces
Kistler KBSBS80
7.2 Ounces
Evergreen TMJC 74-XXX
6.1 Ounces
Okuma 711MH
7 Ounces

Rate of Deflection (RoD): On the WRACK, the White Python is very reminiscent of the previously reviewed Okuma GS-C-7111MH and Evergreen International's Balista. The difference being it appears the White Python might actually have a bit more backbone than the Balista and something more inline with the Okuma GS-C-7111MH.

Fig. 1 : This RoD Deflection Chart shows the deflection characteristics of the Megabass F7-76RDti White Python (yellow curve) against several similar sticks.

Spine, Weight, and Balance Point: The White Python is another one of those sticks that does not seem to have a pronounced spine but in fact, has that hard edge on both the right and left side of the blank. It's balance is similar to that of the Dobyns Rods 795ML, yet it's almost a full ounce lighter than that stick. The White Python strikes a nice accord between balance and weight - something we've come to expect from Megabass but of course, don't always necessarily receive.

The White Python features a titanium wrap on top of the D.N.A. woven graphite blank discussed in the review of its sibling, the F7-69DG Mephisto.










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