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Lure Review

Ready, Contact, Action! The Megabass Scream-X Jr.

Date: 11/15/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.83


Introduction: For some bass fisherman, cooler weather signals the return of big fish. As the water cools, bass return to the shallows hungry and aggressive in their goal to fatten up before the long, cold winter. One of the favorite approaches by bass fisherman this time of year is the thrilling and explosive technique of topwater fishing. Today, we bring you the story of an oversized prop bait finished with all the artistry we come to expect from one of Japan's premiere tackle companies. Introducing the Megabass Scream X Jr.

Megabass Scream X Jr. Specifications

Type Topwater
Class Prop-Bait
Size 3-3/8" long / 1/2 oz
Colors/Patterns 11 Real Colors / 13 Vintage Colors
Features Hand Carved Wood Body, Counter Rotating Propellers, 3D Eyes.
MSRP ~$50

Impressions: Exquisite does not even begin to describe the finish on these impressive baits. If ever there was a bait built to catch fishermen as much as the prey they pursue, this bait could be the prime example. Reportedly hand carved, the Scream X Jr. sports counter rotating props at each end of its rather eccentrically shaped body that, when viewed at a glance, simply appears as an overstuffed sausage. However, upon closer inspection, you can see the body of this bait is actually an uncomfortable oblique cigar-shaped wonder. The purpose of this contoured torso? Not only are the propellers intended to turn in the water upon your retrieve, but the entire bait is designed to spiral its way along the surface to create maximum disruption as you crank this bait back to your position on shore or on a boat!


Introducing the Megabass Scream-X Jr.

The Field Tests:
An exotic bait such as this just calls out for an equally exotic setup with which to throw it. For my field tests of this bait, I used two different rigs, a Megabass F5 1/2 68XFTi Jabberwock Evoluzion paired with a supertuned Daiwa I'ZE Millionaire Light (90mm Bassart handle, flat, cork knobs, ZPI SiC spool bearings) and an Evergreen Temujin Crossfire Stallion paired with a Shimano Antares AR.


Complete test rigs for Megabass Scream X Jr. Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod Megabass Jabberwock Evoluzion Evergreen Temujin Crossfire Stallion
Reel Daiwa Millionaire I'ZE Light Shimano Antares AR
Line 14lb Sunline Shooter FC 12lb Yozuri Hybrid


The front propeller of the Sream-X Jr.


The back propeller of the Scream-X Jr.


Casting: Though somewhat large in stature and certainly not light, the Scream X Jr can be difficult to cast at times. The wood body has a tendency to float in the air and can get misdirected in good head or crosswind situations. For best results, I found a sidearm roll cast was most effective as I was able to keep the bait's trajectory low and near the surface of the water casting with this method.


Each of the propellers on the Scream-X Jr. features a japanese engraving


Retrieving: The Scream-X Jr. is actually a surprisingly versatile bait. Retrieve it on a standard cadence and the bait will gurgle on the surface like a buzzbait. The difference here being, when you pause your retrieve with a buzzbait, it will sink. The Scream-X Jr. will simply stop and stay on the surface, winking at whatever might be staring at it below the surface. Twitch your rod tip and this plug will spit up a mouthful of water similar to a popper. Rip it back, pausing between pulls and you can cause all kinds of surface ruckus on the water! The one disappointment? It was difficult to get the bait's body spinning in water as advertised in the bait's standard list of actions. It happened on occasion, but certainly not with any consistency.

The Scream-X Jr. can be made to spit up water similar to a popper


Weedlessness: The Scream-X Jr. is hardly weedless. The large treble hooks will catch any subsurface vegetation within its reach so you need to be just a little careful. Similarly, if you retrieve this bait through floating debris, you're likely to catch a good amount of this stuff in the Scream-X Jr's very sharp trebles. On the other hand, if tossed above a weedbed submerged beneath two or three inches of water, you can let this bait sit there for hours on end, if you so choose, before starting your retrieve - try that with a traditional buzzbait.


A mistake? Where's the "Jr." in this bait's name?

Look at the detailing along this bait's supposed gill plates


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