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Enthusiast Review

The Search For One... Megabass's Chimera Evoluzion (continued)

Application: F4.5 to F5 is Megabass code speak for what US anglers traditionally consider medium heavy powered rods with final feel varying some depending upon the taper of the rod. The Chimera Evo fishes like a heavy powered rod but catches like a medium heavy. If this dichotomy suits your style of fishing, you will find the Chimera Evo to be a very suitable all purpose stick.

The sculpted rear grip of the Chimera Evo.

A recent trend of mine when wanting to test a rod's casting ability and how accurately I can place a bait is to use it as an open water frogging stick. With the shorter lengths in the majority of our Search for One candidates, I can usually fire my bait into and under tight shoreline cover. In most cases, I'm doing this where the water under this cover is presumed clear beneath the surface from an abundance of weeds or other structure. The Chimera Evo excels at this type of presentation and as such would make an absolutely deadly spinnerbait stick with the power to turn a fish's head on initial hook set but not too powerful to where you might rip the bait out of the fish's mouth while fighting it to the boat.

Not an area of this rod is overlooked - not even the butt end.

Availability: Most of Megabass's existing lineup can be ordered from Megabass USA with about a month's lead time. Occasionally, on the newer or limited run sticks this wait can be longer and rarely are sticks ever available the day or week you call them. Sourcing from an overseas vendor is always an option and simply dependent upon each particular vendors' foresight in ordering and stocking specific models ahead of time.

A healthy bass pulled from the slop with the Chimera Evo.

Warranty: The important news here is Megabass USA is finally getting support from Megabass Japan for a more customer friendly process. While terms of their actual warranty have not changed, what has changed is the acceptance of these claims. Final translation? It will still cost you to get a replacement, but the actual process should be more streamlined with the support of Megabass headquarters.

A close-up look at the intricate detailing of this rod at the reel seat.

Otherwise, to borrow from our write-up of the F4-72GTZ: All rods are still covered under a limited one year warranty to the original owner. The customer is requested to inspect each rod upon arrival very closely and report any potential problems within ten days of receipt. If the shipping tube is damaged during transit, do not accept the package or report it immediately to the carrier if the package was left at your door. Megabass USA will accept returns within 10 days of receipt IF the item is unused, contains all original tags, and the original invoice.

Elegant, well balanced, and a precision caster, the Chimera Evo almost has it all.

If you experience a breakage or failure of any sort after the initial ten day inspection period, but within the first twelve months, contact Megabass USA immediately to discuss the issue and begin your warranty claim. You may be requested to send the rod in for inspection. If it is decided that the rod is irreparable, you will be given the opportunity for a one-time replacement for a fee of $150 - $200 depending upon the model of your rod. This cost covers international shipping, handling and importing fees from the factory within Japan to your address.

Megabass is not for everyone, but those who can appreciate a finely crafted rod will be richly rewarded.

Megabass USA stresses that Destroyer and Evoluzion rods are designed and built to be used within their specified line and lure rating ranges and are particularly susceptible to failure if used outside of this rated range due to the extreme high modulus of the blank material. The industry standard for top quality graphite rods is 40 ton graphite. The Megabass Hi-10x blank is made of 50 ton graphite. There are those in the industry that state it's not possible to build a fishing rod blank with anything greater than 40 ton graphite nevertheless Megabass is making this claim, so perhaps this could explain some of the breakage issues we've heard from readers and the caution Megabass USA is trying to get across to its customers


Megabass F5-69XDti Chimera Evoluzion Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Megabass rarely disappoints 9
Performance Only knock is sensitivity - acceptable, but I had hoped for more 8
Price If you want Megabass or Evergreen, it's going to cost you, but $655 for top end is not as bad as the same price for middle lineup 5
Features Top end components 8
Design (Ergonomics) A Megabass classic 8
Application Really excellent choice for all purpose application 9

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


J You'll be hard pressed to find a more finely crafted and detailed stick. L As the goes so do the prices of our favorite JDM sticks.
J Outstanding casting performance. L Wish the sensitivity was as crazy as the detailing.
J Progressive taper is addicting.  


Conclusion: My journey with this particular Megabass stick has been up and down. Actually with the majority of points discussed here my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The primary area of disappointment is in this stick's sensitivity - I simply want more. With Evergreen's Kaleido series and the new Kistler ZBones outfitted with micro guides, a new benchmark has been set so it is not unreasonable to expect similar performance from one of Megabass's top end series.


Looking for ONE Megabass rod to sum it all up? The F5-69XDti Chimera Evo may be it.

In the final analysis the Chimera Evo is better suited for a wider range of applications than is the Elseil. The Elseil is really a fantastic stick for moving baits. The Chimera Evo is good for moving baits and baits that are fished more slowly along the bottom, and it's an excellent stick for topwater baits as well. If you're looking for just one stick to deliver almost the entirety of the Megabass experience, the Chimera Evo would be an excellent selection, BUT (and there's always a but) if you want an even more outrageous, exclusive, limited production and otherwise insanely crafted and priced piece to add to your collection, well stay tuned because our search within the Megabass lineup is not yet complete.










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