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Lure Review


The Latest Swimbait from Mattlures : Code Name "Bo"


Date: 8/3/20
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Mattlures
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT

If you're a big bait enthusiast, you're already aware there are several paths manufacturers take to accomplish the same goal of presenting large as life bait products to tempt big bass. Some focus their efforts on realistic action, others on appearance, some concentrate on soft bait options, while others specialize in hardbaits. Matt Servant, owner and creator at Mattlures cut his big bait making molds on the soft product then made his way into the hard bait side where his background in taxidermy really set him apart. Many of his baits rival in realism, fish you could actually catch out of the water. Today we take a look at his latest creation, a yet to be named big bait, I'm going to refer to as Bo.


Mattlures Un-Named Shad Swimbait Specifications

Type Four Piece Swimbait
Length 8 inches
Weight 4.2 ounces
Class Floating, Slow Sink, Medium Sink, Extra Slow Sink
Material Resin
Colors Light Gizzard, Purple Gizzard, Dark Gizzard, Light Threadfin, Dark Threadfin, Blue Threadfin, Green Threadfin
Hooks 2x 1/0 Owner ST41 trebles
MSRP $150


Introducing the latest from Mattlures, a yet to be named bait mimicking a threadfin shad, TackleTour code name "Bo."


Impressions: Our history with Mattlures dates back to 2005 when we published our review of their then, brand new, Baby Bass Swimbait series. At the time, Matt Servant was kind of the new kid on the block having just ventured out on his own bait making business two years prior. Now he's a grizzled old veteran at the practice, but from the very start, his signature has always been very realistic looking baits.


Bo is made with concealed joints


It's been some time since we've written up one of his products, but he certainly has not lost his touch. This yet to be named, hard bodied, threadfin shad swimbait, code name Bo, is meticulous in every detail from the very realistic eyes to the highly detailed head, to the scale pattern along the body, to the translucent, soft plastic fins.


Though concealed, Bo's joints still allow for a lot of flexibility


Servant then takes things to the next level with a simple, yet extremely well executed paint job with subtle changes in color from head to tail and top to bottom. Lastly, the coup de gras, of this bait is Servant's use of concealed joints to disguise the transition between the bait's four pieces. This is the first bait of his I can remember with this feature and certainly the first I've held in my hand.

Bo comes with a realistic scale pattern

Real World Tests: This bait looks so good, I was a little reluctant to tie it to the end of the line for fear of losing it like the last Mattlures bait I had. Yes, it's happened. At the onset of testing his floating Dead Twitch bait years ago, I was so anxious to check the bait out, I hit a nearby lake to do some shore casts so I could see it in the water. Well, on one of the casts, my line snapped and because I wasn't in a boat, I couldn't just go get it. I immediately tied on a jerkbait with three trebles to try and snag the bait, but I couldn't hit it. I was too far away and the wind was pushing it even further. It was lost to me forever but I'm sure someone eventually had the good fortune of finding it.

Time to see what Bo can do

So I wasn't taking any chances with this new bait. I selected my trusty, Megabass of America F10-711X Onager paired with my Daiwa Deps DR-Z2020XHL spooled with 50lb Spiderwire Ultracast as its host. No connection knot, just tied direct to this 50lb line with a diameter closer to 70lbs. Should be secure enough - I hoped.

Detailing around Bo's head is superb

Bo can Fly: Coming off a lot of time with mass produced big baits, I had forgotten the benefit of fishing and casting something a little more custom made. I got a reminder on my first cast with Bo as it sailed through the air straight and true with nary a pitch, roll, or yaw thought it may have wiggled or twerked a couple of times. Bo is a bit more forgiving than other big baits on snap casts as well, but don't worry, if tumbling a big bait through the air is your game, you can make that happen with this bait. It's just not very easy to accomplish is all. Bo is somehow tuned to fly straight and true and is a little mesmerizing to watch fly.

Realistic pectoral fins are pinned to the body

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