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Lure Review

Breaking News : Lucky Craft's Real California Supreme 200

Date: 1/29/08
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 3.0 -


Introduction: Since the debut of their Real California series of baits roughly three years ago, Lucky Craft has been met with criticism after criticism in the big bait market place. Their fans, this editor included, were hungry for a true big bait offering rather than the oversized jerkbaits that had made up the series thus far. I finally bit on the Real Californian Premium series, buying three of these first release baits early in 2007 from Japan before the US versions even made it ashore, but these baits have never seen the water. At only 130 mm (just over 5"), they too were simply too small and awkward to be worth my time tossing in the water. At ICAST 2007, we received word all was about to change with the introduction of the Supreme line within the Real California series. The crowning jewel? The Real California Supreme 200 - a full sized, almost 8", true big bait product from Lucky Craft - FINALLY!

Real California Supreme 200 Specifications

Type BigBait
Depth Any
Class Sinking
Size (Weight) 3.75oz / ~8"
Colors/Patterns Two at the moment, more coming
MSRP $51

Impressions: The Real California Supreme 200 is the product big bait fisherman have been wanting from Lucky Craft. At almost a full 8" in length, it is a two jointed bait with all the delicate details and intricacies we've all grown to expect from Lucky Craft. However, early releases of this bait were in some rather awkward colors for big baits - chartreuse shad and ghost minnow. Nevertheless, the shape, profile, and size of this bait are truly remarkable. We hear reports a real skin version will be produced in limited quantities - this bait is the perfect application for this new finishing process. In fact, we think Lucky Craft should consider making this bait exclusively with this finish rather than in limited quantities.


Introducing the Lucky Craft Real California Supreme 200

Two other interesting aspects of this bait are the joints and rear hook harness. The joints of this bait not only enable independent movement for each section of the bait from side to side, but also, in and out so you can close up the entire bait to appear as a one piece when pushing all the pieces together. Interesting, but rather impractical while fishing.

The joints of the Real California Supreme move in and out as well as side to side

The attachment point for the rear treble on this bait comes out through the anal fin (bottom rear) of the bait making us question the durability of this fin in general. Speaking of which, the bait does come with a spare tail fin.


Complete test rigs for Real California Supreme 200 Field Tests

Rod Kistler KBSBS80
Reel Shimano Calcutta 200DC
Line 80yds 20lb Toray Solaroam II (Monofilament)


The Field Tests: Needless to say, we could not wait to get this bait on the water, but we had to wait out some of the winter storms and a couple of International Sportsmen's Expositions before finally having the chance in mid January of this year.


Finally a true big bait from Lucky Craft

As expected, detailing is superb


Casting: At just under 4 ounces, this bait casts as well as any bait in its class. The only real trick is to be sure you're using a rod that is both stout enough to handle the bait, yet, has a soft enough tip to load during a cast. The Kistler KBSBS80 is one such rod which is why we chose it for this review.


The joints afford a lot of freedom of movement

Chartreuse Shad is not a color we'd expect from a bait of this size, but it's well executed nonetheless

Retrieving: The Real California Supreme 200 swims in an s-pattern reminiscent of the 22nd Century Triple Trout though not quite as fluid. Thanks to its rather unique joint design, this bait also has some up and down movement reminiscent of the Daiwa Dead or Alive when fished on a broken retrieve. It really is quite a fluid bait. Unlike some double jointed baits, the Real California Supreme 200 does not need a jerk of the rod tip to straighten it out before beginning your retrieve. Just cast it out, let it sink to the desired depth, and begin your retrieve. It swims quite readily on command and is a fun bait to watching the water.

The rear treble is attached via this harness extending from the bait's anal fin

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