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Watercraft Review

The Legend Alpha 199 Series Bass Boat Handles like a Sports Car


Date: 4/08/09
Tackle type: Watercraft
Manufacturer: Legend
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.08 - GREAT

We review the biggest piece of tackle of all, a hard core bass Angler’s moving tackle box and prized possession…the bass boat. First up in our lineup is the Alpha 199 Series from Legend Boats, a company that while not as large as some of the big name manufacturers has quickly built up a reputation for premium styling, performance, and value.


Legend Alpha 199 Specifications

Product Watercraft
Class Bass Boat
Length 19'10"
Beam 94"
Approx Weight 1590 Lbs.
Capacity 6 Persons/925 Lbs.
Max Horsepower 225Hp
Trailer Dual Axle + Disc Brakes
Origin U.S.A
MSRP $40,000.00

Leo and Cal head out in the Legend Alpha 199


Impressions: Legend Boats is based in Midway, Arkansas and is a privately owned company with the primary owners being Randy Quales and Dean Smith. They started their business with the simple goal of building a better boat, one that doesn’t require anglers to make any sacrifices and offers the ability to allow anglers to customize their boat design and configuration to their heart’s content. Legend started up their operation in 2002 and the first boat rolled out of the shop in 2003, they have since expanded but remain in their Mountain Home facility. 


The electronics are flush mounted behind the steering wheel so anglers don't need to look down and away when driving


Legend currently manufacturers and sells roughly around 500 boats a year, compare that to the big brand manufacturers that are shipping boats in the thousands every year. How does a company the size of Legend compete with these big name brands?


Powering forward in shallow water


They believe that one of their advantages is their size, and they are run like a very personal company putting a high priority on customer service. In fact they often implement features that their prostaff and customers request into future models. Legend doesn’t have a large prostaff but a couple of notable anglers that run Legend rigs include Gary Yamamoto and Pam Martin Wells, winner of the first WBT tournament in 2005.


Probably the single coolest touch on the Alpha 199 is the exotic steering wheel


Like most of the boutique boat builders Legend focuses on higher end platforms, and in this case just three bass boats, all of which are over 19 feet in length. The LE 195 though at the bottom of the company’s lineup is a full fledged tournament boat in its own right with a 19’5” length, 94” beam and a maximum horsepower of 200. The Alpha 199 Series rests in the middle of the lineup and while it is just 5 inches longer is loaded with a lot of extra refinement and a max horsepower rating of 225hp. Then there is the big dog, the Alpha 211 which has a 20’11” length, the same 94” beam, and is capable of handling powerful 300hp engines.


Legend is able to make fades in paint allowing for another level of customization


For our tests we fished out of an Alpha 199 and head to our favorite lake within driving distance, Clear Lake, for a series of trips to test just how well the boat handled and fished. The tests spanned from the beginning of the year until the first week in April, and we were able to put the Alpha 199 up against an assortment of weather conditions including medium rain and high wind.


The Legend Alpha 199 rides extremely well even when fully loaded with three anglers and gear


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