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The Pointer on a diet, Lucky Craft’s “Slender” Jerkbait (continued)

Retrieve cont'd: In the field we tested the lure on largemouth, spotted bass, and stripers and was able to catch all three type of fish. In terms of effectiveness the SP didn’t beat the standard Pointer 100, but it certainly didn’t fare any worse. When the structure is tight and you know what the strike zone is the SP can be deadly, and when we ran into tightly schooled Spots the SP did shine. The SP is different, but it is hard to argue that it can replace the Pointer 100, though the Pointer 100 is capable of doing a great deal of what the SP can.


The SP makes use of Lucky Craft's oval shaped split ring


Durability: In terms of finish and quality of construction the SP showcases all that makes Lucky Craft baits so popular. It has a durable exterior, and out of the box the finishes are breathtaking. The scales on the American Shad pattern still blow me away to this day, and even after heavy use the only visible damage is where the hooks come in contact with the side of the bait. Interestingly the SP doesn’t scratch itself as much as the other pointers as the hooks are smaller, and the side of the bait doesn’t stick out as much.


A macro of the Aurora Bass pattern finish


The Diaiichi hooks are robust enough for both largemouth and smallmouth bass, but a little on the small side for stripers. Even the smaller 2-3lb schoolie stripers were strong enough to open up the hooks on the SP. The lure still held on to stripers though, as the extra hook always seemed to lodge itself into the side of the fish. There were times that all three hooks were embedded into the side of the striper’s mouths.


There was a lot of debris in the water during our tests, but the erratic pattern of the SP coupled with the slower jerk called bass up


Price & Applications: The Slender Pointer retails for 17.99-18.99 depending on size, compare that to the average 14.99 price of a normal Pointer. There are times when a smaller bait like the slender pointer can be more effective than the larger baits, and the smaller hooks certainly make this a better bait for smallmouth than the normal pointers, but should anglers really have to pay more for a smaller lure?


Jerk that rod tip!


Sure it has one more hook, but the bait is basically a modified pointer, and a smaller one at that. The finishes on the SP are identical to that on the normal pointers and it is hard to justify the 20% price delta between the two.


A bass falls for the SP


If you can stomach the price the SP did prove effective at catching largemouth, spots, and stripers in our test. They can be worked slightly differently than standard Pointers, and can actually be used in situations where a pointer might not generate strikes. The problem is there are other baits out there that are similar in price that can do this just as well.


Fish typically are hooked with more than one of the three hooks


Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Slender Pointer is built with all the quality you would expect from a Lucky Craft offering. Lucky Craft really set the benchmark for detail in design when it comes to Japanese lures. There are other exotic offerings out there now but you really can't complain about a quality design like this 9
Performance There is no doubt the Slender Pointer works, but is it better than the original? In some applications yes, but the original Pointer is still a more versatile bait. Overall the SP is comparable to some competitor offerings, but not the groundbreaking lure the original was 8
Price The price on the SP is hard to swallow. The lure does feature great hooks, but that doesn't justify the price delta between this thinner version and the original. There are a lot of competitors out there now, all with aggressive offerings, and some of which are cheaper 6
Features The SP features a casting system, a quality finish, and excellent hooks. It isn't anything revolutionary but it does have all the makings of a quality lure 8
Design (Ergonomics) The SP is easy to fish, and the casting system does work. It may not cast as well as the original, but it does the job 8
Application The SP proved good for spots, and it is designed for smallmouth that tend to slap the bait rather than engulf it, but when it comes to targeting largemouth and stripers the original has this one beat 7

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Lucky craft quality L Price is significantly higher than original Pointer
J Quality erratic action L Not a major step up from the original in terms of usage or design
J Good for smallmouth  


It may not be my favorite Lucky Craft Pointer but it still is a decent bait

The Slender Pointer is a quality lure, no doubt about that. While it doesn’t have the exotic appeal of the Megabass Vision 110, it certainly proved it can catch fish. The question is do anglers need the Slender Pointer? Part of the problem is that the original Pointer is already that good, and anglers already have a variety of sizes and diving depths. The Slender Pointer has its moments, and during the pre spawn it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have one or two of these lures in your tackle box, but then we come back to the one thing that really hurts this lure….the price. Why the lure costs 20% more than a standard Pointer is a hard pill to swallow. The fish certainly don’t know the lure costs that much more, and while anglers have gotten used to paying near 20 dollars for many Lucky Craft offerings, this is one lure that I may only buy one or two of, and for the most part unless I’m targeting smallmouth exclusively I’d stick with the proven performance of the original Pointer.  











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