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Lure Review

Slow rollin’ for Salmon with the Konezone trolling flasher

Date: 3/01/06
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Konezone/IRM Inc.
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.58

Anglers on the troll now have a new weapon to add to their arsenal. Instead of the traditional flashers and dodgers that are widely used while trolling for fish such as salmon, people can now use Konezone, a new “Slow Roll” flasher that can be used at any speed and still produce fish attracting action from its multiple rigging positions.

Konezone HST Specifications

Type Flasher
Material Plastic
Blade Colors 10 available
Tape Colors 8 available
Colors/Patterns 80 available
Size 4, 6, 7.5, and 9 in
MSRP $8.95 - $11.95


Introducing the Konezone, a trolling flasher that differs from the traditional flashers and dodgers

About IRM/Konezone: IRM Inc., makers of Konezone, is a family owned business located in Hillsboro, Oregon. Mike Hyneman, President and founder of IRM Inc., founded this company in 2001, and originally developed the flasher for salmon fishing in the famous Lower Columbia River. Since then, their product has spread like wildfire reaching trollers around the States in search for salmon, stripers, halibut, Kokanee, trout, and much more.


The Konezone has a unique shape like no other. Also notice the thick build


Impressions: The Konezone is a flasher, but not just any flasher. This trolling device is shaped for minimal resistance and optimized performance at any speed. When you look at the Konezone you will find that this new kid on the block has multiple configurations. This product is available in four different sizes, ten blade colors, and eight tape colors. There are two smaller sizes, each having three eyelets, one inline, one offset, and one wing eye. The remaining larger, 7.5 and 9 inch sizes only have two eyelets, one inline and one offset. What we found impressive is that if you pick a Konezone up at your local store you might only be able to get fixed color patterns, but through Konezone’s website you can order any blade-tape color combination you want out of 80 different possibilities. Click here for Konezone's website


The two smaller sizes have three rigging positions; center for inline spinning or slow-rolling with the offset eyes


The Build: You will find the Konezone flashers are built commercial-grade tough. These flashers are constructed using thick acrylic in all of the four sizes available. The other critical components on the flasher are the stainless steel swivels and duo-lock snaps. These components are heavy duty testing out at a solid 80 pounds for the swivels and 103 pounds for the snaps.


The 7.5 and 9 inch sizes have only two eyes

Field Tests:
Employing our Boston Whaler Montauk, Scotty downrigger, and other trolling gear, we set out targeting salmon, halibut, and stripers along the coast, in San Francisco Bay, and in some of our local inland lakes. We lowered the Konezone in the water and here’s what we found.


Designed for salmon on the Lower Columbia River, the Konezone is also killer on the California Coast


Action: After quickly connecting the Konezone to our main line and leader via the provided hardware, we attached a variety of lures before getting down to business. With all of our lures, before lowering them into the depths with our downrigger, we make sure to check the action of the entire set up on the side of the boat at trolling speed. Thanks to the clear waters of one of our inland lakes, San Luis Reservoir, we were able to view our rig at depths in excess of ten feet! Once lowered into the water the Konezone HST flasher immediately started to spin. This is Konezone’s patented attribute, a design that allows it to “Slow Roll.” At slow and fast speeds (up to 4 knots as shown on our Garmin GPS), the flasher rolls fluidly. The stainless steel bead-chain swivels on both ends keep the Konezone rolling smoothly with no impact on our lure’s action and also preventing line twists.

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