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Event Article

New 3M Nano Matrix Resin Based Rods and One Clever Accessory


Date: 1/25/12
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: Multiple
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We pick up at the ISE show with the rod category and a number of manufacturers rolled out new rods that leverage 3M's Matrix Resin which companies like G.Loomis (NRX Series) and St. Croix (Elite Series) have already adopted. This material is expensive, resulting in rods that push the upper echelon in price point. We have seen what the material can do in some of these rods already and as more manufacturers jump on board it will be interesting to see how each company utilizes this material in their offering. Will we see a crop of rods that perform exactly the same? Or will these rod manufacturers be able to put their own signature on rods employing this hi-tech resin? 


Gary Dobyns shows us prototypes of what soon will be his flagship series...


Dobyns Rods: Gary's rods continue to be a popular choice among both weekend warriors and professional anglers. Last season Gary introduced the Savvy series which targeted the lower $159 dollar price point and these more mainstream oriented rods have done very well, introducing the brand to a new audience. This season Gary goes to the opposite end of the range by utilizing 3M nano matrix resin to create his highest end rods yet, the Zayta Series.


...meet the new Zayta Series which will utilize 3M's Nano Matrix Resin


Gary showed us his Zayta Series prototypes which feature a matte finish and high end components including carbon fiber and anodized aluminum elements on the hood. The rod has metal winding checks and will make use of Fuji SiC guides.


Though not final the prototypes give anglers a glimpse of the detailed components that will adorn this series


The casting models will utilize standard guides while the spinning rods will feature micro-guides. In the light we could see the distinctive weave pattern on the blank and the prototypes felt very lightweight in hand.


Under the light you can really see the weave in the blank


Gary is planning to launch a total of 12 rods in the series and they will be priced somewhere around the 500 dollar range. The rods are still undergoing field testing and design refinement and will be officially launched at ICAST 2012. From what we have seen so far these rods definitely have a very high end feel and we look forward to seeing the final version come together.


Lamiglas is also building 3M Nano Matrix based rods...


Lamiglas: Lamiglas is also utilizing the 3M Nano Matrix Resin, but unlike the competition their first introduction is not a bass rod series. The new Lamiglas Si rods leverage the premium 3M material to create a rod that is designed to be both sensitive and strong and are created specifically for salmon and steelhead anglers.


...but the new Si series will be for targeting salmon and steelhead


There are a total of four Si rods, two casting and two spinning, ranging from 9' to 9'8" in length. These premium rods are available now and as you might expect they come with a price of $499 dollars each.


Anglers looking for a more affordable salmon and steelhead rod can consider the glass and graphite blended Certified Pro KWIK rods


Since Lamiglas is based in Washington it is no surprise that they offer a wide range of salmon and steelhead rods. If the Si rods are too big of a investment the company is also introducing new Certified Pro KWIK Series rods.


Ron Mukai of Lamiglas shows us the new Si rods


More and more steelhead anglers are reconnecting with glass rods and the new KWIK rods like the XCC801GH integrate both fiberglass and graphite throughout the blank to create a rod that is long, soft and forgiving. This particular rod retails for $290 dollars and is available now.


Vince Borges shows Zander the new rods


Phenix: The Phenix Abyss rods make use of Toray Graphite and S-Glass to create a rod designed for West Coast surface jig applications and live bait applications. Though designed for heavy applications these rods are very light. The PSC1007 is 10 feet in length and features a moderate action and weighs 12oz. and retails for only $169.00. While designed for jigging many anglers in the region have found this series is also excellent for targeting Sturgeon.


The Abyss may be designed for jigging but Sturgeon anglers are finding them perfect for their application


At the show Phenix also showcased a new rod series called "Trifecta" which is designed to target Salmon and Steelhead. These rods are constructed out of a new carbon fiber-graphite blend and come in both spinning and casting models ranging from 8 to 10 feet long. The rods are all two piece for easy transport and make use of Fuji Alconite guides.


The Trifecta rods are designed to be affordable salmon and steelhead rods


The Trifecta rods will be available in both full and split cork grips with the same blanks to satisfy the personal preferences and fishing styles of anglers. These rods will retail for $179-$199 dollars when they are released in the next few months.


The Dragonfly prototype makes use of a new blend of graphite to create a forgiving tip action...


With the Recon bass rods launched Phenix can once again work on refining their trout rods and is working on a new series called "Dragonfly" which utilizes a fresh graphite blend that is designed to deliver both light overall weight and excellent sensitivity. Another goal of this new graphite blend is to deliver a soft forgiving tip like you would normally find on a glass tipped rod, but with the sensitivity of pure graphite.  


...that behaves like glass yet is sensitive like graphite


Stern Saver: One final new product that grabbed our attention at the show was the "Stern Saver." This marine product is a glue on starboard transducer mount. The Stern Saver eliminates the need to risk drilling into your fiberglass hull, a experience that is never fun and always a little nerve-wracking.


Scott Johnson is the inventor of the Stern Saver


The Stern Saver comes with everything necessary for installation and can be deployed in 15 minutes or less. There are four colors to choose from which include Bone, Ivory, Gray and Black. Once you have selected the right color go ahead and prep the area and stick on the mounting spike, this assures the block will be mounted in the perfect position. 


The Stern Saver example with glue (left) and the mounting spike (center). This product installs in less than 15 minutes and saves having to drill into your boat


Next dispense the glue which is like an epoxy and is kept separate in the syringe until it is squeezed out and automatically mixed. Once the glue is placed in the six recessed areas simply affix the Stern Saver block onto your boat and in six hours your ready to mount your transducer. The Stern Saver can also be used for mounting electronics inside your boat as well if you want to avoid drilling. This cleverly designed product retails for $59.99 and is available now direct from the manufacturer.









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