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Event Coverage

ISE Show 2011 Reels, Accessories and Watercraft


Date: 1/24/11
Event: ISE 2011
Location: Sacramento, CA
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We return to the Sacramento show to check out the latest reels, accessory and watercraft offerings. Like with rods most of the reel manufacturers were holding their new tackle for the upcoming ICAST show but Penn had a few new reels on hand to show us and there were more surprises still to be had including an exciting new bass rig from Phoenix boats. 


We return to the Sacramento ISE show and are greeted with pro angler Mark Lassagne who also runs the popular Bass Angler magazine


Penn: There are few companies that continue to make reels right here in the USA but Penn continues to make their higher end reels right here in the U.S., and is just one of two companies (the other is Accurate) that makes spinning reels on U.S. soil. Because Penn moved their lower cost reel production offshore what it meant for the factory is that they could focus on not only designing and manufacturing higher end reels but could also offer increasing customization for anglers due to their ability to focus on premium lines. An interesting fact is that through this entire process not a single job was lost at the factory.


Zander talks to Steve Carlson of Penn about the new smaller Torque 12 reel


New for this season is the compact Torque 12 which is a tiny conventional machined reel that features 7+1 bearings, a 6.0:1 retrieve and a beefy drag capable of 25lbs of max drag.


This compact reel is smaller than some swimbait reels yet is able to take on Halibut and smaller Tuna


Though very compact this reel is ideal for taking on halibut, stripers, rockfish and even albies. Anglers looking to take on larger tuna can use the Torque 15 which has just enough capacity for the job. These reels are all machined and feature stainless steel main and pinion gears for ultimate reliability. The Torque reels have always been premium offerings and retail fo4om 400-450 dollars each.


The smaller Torque reels are great for superline plus top shot rigs


Those anglers looking for a balanced full metal bodied reel can consider the new Fathom. This reel comes with a levelwind and features a 3+1 bearing design and a 30lb drag. The Fathom is designed to be a workhorse reel and comes with a powerful 4.3:1 retrieve ratio capable of pulling in 24 inches of line per handle turn.


The Fathom is a metal bodied levelwind reel


There are a range of sizes from 15-60 and the reels retail for a very reasonable 200-220 dollars each.


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the graphite based Squall


Moving further down the spectrum is the new Squall reel which does not have a levelwind and comes with a brisk 6.0:1 retrieve and a 6+1 bearing system. The reel features a drag capable of 15lbs. max pressure and there are two sizes available, a 12 and 15. The reels feature a high strength marine grade bronze alloy main gear and is able to remain cost effective because the reel makes use of a graphite frame. Both sizes retail for only $150 each.


Designed for California Anglers is the VSX12


Anglers looking for a quality reel that is truly designed for specific applications will like the International 12VSX. This reel is designed specifically for California applications and features a topless frame and a 5.0:1 high speed and 2.5:1 low speed gear ratio. The VSX features a heavy drag curve and can take on 150lb tuna without overheating.


This refined reel features a heavy drag curve for West Coast applications


This reel is available in 3 variations and the 12VS is the Florida version and features a top bar and a completely different drag curve that is optimal for southeast applications and the 12V is yet another version which features a single speed design. The VSX, VS and V are all made in the US and retail for $499 each.


Steve Carlson shows us the premium offerings from Penn


New from PowerPro is the Depth-Hunter color coded line


Power Pro: New from Power Pro is a new metered-line called Depth-Hunter from PowerPro. There are 4-colors (Blue/Yellow/Green/Orange), with 25 feet of color per segment. There is also a black tic marking every 5 feet for accurate and instant depth measurement. This allows anglers to present their lure in the strike zone easily, accurately and repeatedly.


The man, the myth the legend... we met up with "Bantam1" at the show


The new Depth-Hunter Power Pro line is available in 10 to 150lb. line weights and in lengths  from 500 feet to a whopping 9000 feet for those ultra deep drops. This multi-colored braided line will be available in two weeks and prices will be inline with existing product.

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