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ICAST 2020 Coverage


Getting CrossEyed and Stealthy With a GOAT Mixed in to Z-Man's New Product


Date: 7/10/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Z-Man Fishing Products
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: With each passing year, Z-Man Fishing Products gains more and more momentum for their innovative, patented bait designs. Their 10X Tough ElaZtech soft plastics are a mainstay especially among anglers relying upon the Ned Rig and the company's Chatterbait line is honestly, just out of control. Did you know there are eleven (11) variants of their bladed jig? Actually, I'm wrong because for ICAST 2020, Z-Man is introducing two more!


JackHammer 2.0


The JackHammer 2.0 comes with a new, clear polycarbonate StealthBlade


JackHammer 2.0 : Long considered the gold standard by which all bladed jigs are measured, the Evergreen International, Z-Man collaborative JackHammer is a tough bladed jig to beat. Never a company to rest on their laurels, Z-Man changes things up with JackHammer 2.0 by taking suggestions from Brett Hite and going to a StealthBlade made of a clear polycarbonate. Viewed as a more finesse alternative, JackHammer 2.0 was developed with clear water, smallmouth lakes in mind as well as largemouth waters that are highly pressured. MSRP is set for $15.99 with availability expected in August.


The CrossEyeZ Chatterbait


Designed with more robust components and an adjustable weedguard


CrossEyeZ Chatterbait: Have you ever been frustrated over the inability to fish your bladed jig effectively in areas with harder, more dense structure than grass? David Walker, Z-Man Pro Staff, has and he worked with the manufacturer to bring to market a bladed jig with an adjustable, wire weedguard, hardened ChatterBlade, and a large, custom 5/0 O'Shaughnessy hook so he could fish a bladed jig in water with standing timber, cypress knees, laydowns and in and around docks. The result is the new CrossEyeZ Chatterbait from Z-Man available in 3/8, 1/2, and 3/4 ounce sizes with an MSRP of $9.99.

The GOAT, a new creature bait by Z-Man

The Baby Goat is recommended as a finesse jig trailer, Net Rig bait, and more

GOAT : Designed to compliment their ChatterBait suite of bladed jigs, Z-Man debuts a new soft plastic they think has the potential to be so good, they've dubbed it the GOAT. This new creature bait by Z-Man can be fished as a trailer, Texas rigged, Ned Rigged, flipping bait and more.

The standard GOAT, is a 3.75" creature bait suitable for use as a trailer, flipping bait, and more

The Billy Goat is the largest size at 4.25 inches

The GOAT will be available in three sizes (3, 3.75, & 4.25 inches), ten colors, and retail for $4.99 per pack of 6, 4, or 3 baits. Availability is expected just in time to stuff those stockings of your favorite angler this holiday season.









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