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ICAST 2020 Coverage


13 Fishing's FreeFall Miami Nights Special Edition Hardwater Reel, and an Exclusive Look at Another


Date: 7/14/20
Location: Virtual Event
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: 13 Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: While many manufacturers promote their smaller spinning reels for ice fishing the team at 13 Fishing puts real resources behind creating reels specifically designed for hardwater applications. These are not just functional reels, they are enthusiast grade reels designed to not only be more effective on the ice, but more fun to fish in the process. This ICAST 13 Fishing is introducing a Special Edition hardwater reel to highlight their performance oriented Black Betty FreeFall Series... meet the Miami Nights.


Each ICAST 13 Fishing showcases their highest level ice reel with a Trick Shop Special Edition... this year the Miami Nights is front and center


You had me at Miami: Let's face it, in the freshwater fishing world bass angling tackle gets all the glory, or not all of it but a whole lot of the focus. But anyone that has spent a morning drilling through the ice or warming up in a shelter knows that hardwater fish is downright addicting.


The 13 Fishing Trick Shop Black Betty FreeFall reel that the company is featuring at ICAST is a special edition called the "Miami Nights," and features bright purple and blue highlights paired with the reel's carbon frame. The reel screams Miami neon, and who doesn't love a party?


The Miami Nights reel features bright highlights and components that make it look more like a premium fly reel than a traditional hardwater reel


We asked Matt Baldwin, 13 Fishing's Reel Product Development Director, what the backstory was behind this special edition, and the name? He responded:


"The ”Miami Nights” Reel we are featuring at ICAST includes a Lightweight Carbon Frame, our revolutionary Freefall Trigger system for instant hookups, a magnetic drop speed adjustment for uber lightweight ice lures, and of course Special Edition Aluminum Trick Shop Components. The name is a little tongue in cheek playing on the fact we are a Florida based company that builds some of the best Ice gear on the planet. We can certainly envision Crockett and Tubbs rocking these reels on the ice with their famous Ferrari Testarossa."


The FreeFall trigger system is designed for better presentations and instant hookups


The Black Betty's FreeFall trigger really caters to the vertical application and enables anglers to hit specific depths, as well as get those instant hookups when they detect those subtle bite by releasing the trigger in the target zone. 


On the handle-side of the reel is the magnetic drop speed control knob


The reel also features a tangle-free spool cap design that is as functional as it is cool looking. The user friendly design helps simplify line management, making time on the ice more enjoyable. A carbon drag system helps anglers manage their fish as they coax them up from the depths.


A sneak peek at a yet to be named second Trick Shop Special Edition, have any ideas?


The retail price for the Black Betty FreeFall Miami Nights is $140 dollars, and while that is on the premium side for a hardwater reel it is affordable in comparison to many other spinning reels that are used over the ice, and are not necessarily designed with the application in mind. In addition to the Miami Nights edition Matt also gave us a preview of a second special edition, yet to be named reel, that features similar trick shop treatment, but in a red and gold finish. The name hasn't been locked down so if any of our readers have ideas Matt would certainly entertain them. Personally I think the reel screams "Arc Reactor," as in Ironman. 


13 Fishing caters to enthusiasts in the hardwater segment with special edition reels that are designed with smart features and plenty of personality


13 Fishing is a major player in the ice fishing market and they know that hardwater anglers are no different than other anglers and the enthusiasts in the segment are always looking for something unique and special. These Black Betty special editions certainly check that box. 










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