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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

Extending their Tru-Life Lineup with New Hard and Soft Baits, Tru-Tungsten's Lineup for 2009

Date: 7/23/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour






Introduction: First stop at Tru-Tungsten was a check and see if the eight inch sized Tru-Life Trout was available and what we found was an entire shelf full of new product to excite us for the 2009 fishing season! Let's take a look at what Tru-Tungsten has been up to.


Introducing the Tru-Tungsten Depth Shad


Available unweighted and weighted, the latter features tungsten powder impregnated into the bait for a nice even, controlled descent.

Depth Shad: Last year, Tru-Tungsten dove into the soft plastic arena with their new weighted and unweighted worms. This year, they're extending that area by introducing a soft plastic jerkbait. Available in weighted or unweighted varieties, the Tru-Tungsten soft plastic Depth Shad will be offered in both a four and five inch version available sometime in the Fall of 2008. The weighted versions of this bait feature tungsten powder impregnated in two locations to ensure a nice, level fall of the bait in the water - just like a real baitfish.

Introducing the new, Tru-Tungsten soft swimbaits.


The new Tru-Tungsten Tru-Life Softbaits are still in development but the company hopes to release them before long.


Tru-Life Softbaits: Tru-Tungsten also plans to venture into the soft plastic swimbait market with their new Tru-Life Softbaits. Release and pricing information for these baits is still TBD, but the did show us the sunfish version which looks promising.


The Tru-Life Softbaits together with the new Tru-Life 4" Shad baits.

Tru-Life 4" Shad: Matt Newman was particularly excited over the new Tru-Life 4" Shad we previewed just before ICAST. It seems what's old is new again as many big bait companies are now going small to match the hatch in other parts of the country.

Here's a look a the new Tru-Life Saltwater Swimbaits in 8" (front) and 9" (back) sizes.

Tru-Life Saltwater Swimbaits: The Tru-Life Saltwater swimbaits are modeled after the original Trout only in a mullet pattern. This bait will be offered in 7", 8", and 9" sizes. Though designed for offshore, inshore, and flats fishing, don't be surprised to find freshwater big bait throwers tossing these baits as well as the mullet coloration is a lot more generic to baitfish in all types of water.

Matt Newman shows off his favorite of the new Tru-Tungsten bait offerings, the 4" Tru-Life Shad.

Conclusion: Tru-Tungsten has jumped into the big bait market in a big (and small) way with a diverse product offering in sizes and bait species to satisfy just about every angler. We're still trying to catch up with fishing their new products from last year, and here we are again, with an entirely new line up of exciting baits to check out. You know, it's a tough position to be in, but someone has to suffer!










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