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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Show - Las Vegas, NV

For G.Loomis, 2009 is all About Extending the GLX Brand

Date: 7/17/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: With each passing year, the anticipation mounts as to what G.Loomis will offer in an increasingly crowded market where split rear grip, no foregrip designs have become mainstream, and traditional full rear and foregripped handled rods have been relegated to afterthoughts. Would this be the year G.Loomis does something to answer their increasingly restless customer base?


G.Loomis introduces eight new trout sticks including 2 brand new GLX ultralights

No. G.Loomis, as a company has traditionally concentrated on performance rather than appearances and for the 2009 model year, not much will be changing, and in truth, the true, faithful G.Loomis customer base would not have it any other way. So then, what does this traditionally conservative rod company have to offer for the coming year? Let's take a look.

All the new trout sticks feature a mix of cork and composite handles. The two GLX trout sticks feature the blackened grips on the left


What better way to demonstrate your dedication to building performance driven product than to build a new series of Trout specific spinning rods featuring actions and lengths not normally associated with these types of sticks? For example, when was the last time you saw an 7'-6" two piece, ultralight rod (2-6lb line, 1/32-3/16oz lures)? The new, TSR901-2 is just such a stick built to help anglers target and catch those large, hard fighting, acrobatic trout of the Eastern Sierra's.


Gary Shaefer demonstrates the power of the TSR901-2

Not convinced? How about five other spinning rods in this same category, each with a specific purpose in mind? What if they added two new GLX offerings within this lineup complete with Recoil guides and custom crafted grips with both cork and a composite material to help with the rods' balance? Retail on these new Trout Spin Rods from G.Loomis are expected to be from $275 to $445.

The Spinnerbait Series receives two new GLX offerings...

For the bass angler, G.Loomis fills out both their Crankbait and Spinnerbait Series of rods by extending the GLX brand with two new offerings each. Crankbait enthusiasts will have to choose between the CBR853C GLX and the CBR855C GLX. Also new to the Crankbait Series will be a non-GLX, 5 powered, 6'6" stick (the CBR785C).

... as does the Crankbait Series.

Those who toss blades day in and dayout get to choose between the SBR812 GLX and the SBR813 GLX. All four of these new GLX rods in the Crankbait and Spinnerbait lineups will feature REC's Recoil guides as well. Retail on these rods is expected to fall between $365 to $385. The CBR785C is projected to retail for $230.

... and let's not forget the shakey head fans, they get a new GLX stick as well.

Shakey head fans receive two new sticks as well with yet another GLX offering in the SHR822S GLX spinning rod and a new casting SHR822C. We asked about a one or two powered casting stick for shakey head fishing but all Gary Schaefer, product development manager for G.Loomis, could tell us was "not this year". These rods will sell for $395 and $245 respectively.

For those who prefer to fish shakey heads on a casting rod, G.Loomis introduces a rod for you in their 2009 lineup.

Multi-piece travel rods have long been sought after by anglers and while G.Loomis has offered an array of travel rods in the past, they decided to take another look at this category for 2009 by consolidating and redefining their lineup with a more focused set of rods to include seven spinning and three casting rods targeting everything from trout to peacock bass. These rods will range in price from $310-$370 and will all be three-piece sticks packed in durable rod tubes, built on blended graphite blanks featuring Fuji components.

The Escape Series goes through a bit of consolidation and re-prioritizing for 2009.

Moving on to bigger species, G.Loomis revamps their Muskie lineup of rods with some serious muscle. The newly redesigned series features 5, one-piece rods none shorter than eight feet, with the lightest powered rod (the MUR964) rated for 25-50 pound test and one to four ounce lures.

The Muskie lineup is also totally revamped.

Gary shared with us these sticks were built for those anglers throwing some seriously large baits for some seriously large, hard fighting, and ferocious species where the number one requirement, aside from extreme power, is extreme length. The two most extreme rods in this category are the MUR987, an 8'-0" stick built for up to 70 pound test line and up to two pound baits, and the MUR1026, an 8'-6" stick built for up to 60 pound test line and up to ten ounce baits. These rods are expected to retail for between $330 to $385.

The new PBR802S ProBlue is designed for light baits on 10 - 20lb test line and makes a great striper stick.

From one bait extreme to another, the ProBlue series of Saltwater Rods also receives some new product all in a single, lighter actioned stick designed to toss smaller baits in pursuit of some shallower water running species like reds and striped bass. The PBR902S is a spinning rod built with Fuji components and rated for 10 - 20 pound test line. Suggested retail on this rod is $225.

Gary Shaefer holds up one of G.Loomis's new for 2009 trout sticks.


Conclusion: While those fans of G.Loomis clamoring for more aggressive rod cosmetics may not have gotten their wish for this year, those fans of the company's GLX material in particular should be happy with the extension of this brand into more and more lines. The Crankbait and Spinnerbait GLX offerings are particularly intriguing. Add to this excitement, the new trout sticks, muskie rods, escape series, etc., and G.Loomis proves that while the more things stay the same, the more change can actually be accomplished while still maintaining your corporate tradition.












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