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ICAST 2014 Coverage

Seaspin Rolls out Innovative new Baits and Rigging Systems


Date: 8/31/14
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Seaspin
Reviewer: Zander

Showing off some innovative new lures this ICAST was a company called Seaspin that most U.S. anglers have probably not heard of. This Italian company puts a lot of work into their lure designs and they showcased not only some interesting new plastics but clever ways to rig and present them as well.


The Bokon, a cross between a shrimp and a crawfish


Bokon: The Bokon is a plastic lure that is designed to imitate a crawfish and shrimp type creature and has claws that have large built in scoops. These scooping claws are designed to actually collect mud and debris and release them during recovery, creating a very genuine looking action. 


Check out the scooping arms


The Bokon has multiple appendages that vibrate as the lure is moved and it is also designed to be customized. Remove the two claws and the Bokon becomes a thinner profile creature and can also be used a trailer. The bait is infused with salt and shrimp scent to promote longer holds during strikes. The Bokon measures 4" in length and is available in 10 colors in packs of 6 for $5.70 per pack.


The Geko may look like a normal jig...


Geko Jig: It may look like a normal jig but the Seaspin Geko has a secret, a free swinging hook positioned behind the weight and hidden within the center of the skirt. This allows a trailer to behave very differently than if it was affixed to the hook of a traditional fixed hook. Because the hook can swing freely this allows the jig to enter much tighter cover without getting hung up. Imagine this as your favorite jig armed with a Texas hook.


...but is more like a jig rigged with a Texas hook


This design also prevents the fish from throwing the hook using the leverage of a large trailer. There will be two head designs, a spherical head for situations with rocky bottoms and gravel and a bullet head for easier entry into cover. Each Geko jig will retail for around $6.30 and comes with two types of hooks, a classic 4/offset and a wide gap model size 3/0 suitable for any type of trailer.


There are three Persuader swimbaits which can be rigged on the new Pendolino system


Pendolino Rig: At the show the company introduced us to a series of rather unassuming looking swimbaits, but was really interesting was how they were rigged. The Pendolino rig consists of a variety of different Seaspin "Persuader" swimbaits rigged with a triangle snap that holds either a ball or oval shaped weight.


The Pendolino rig allows baits to be presented differently


Using these different swimbaits the Pendolino rig allows anglers to present the bait in a very different way than the traditional soft bodied swimbaits. The lightest Persuader is 7.5g and looks like a baitfish feeding on the bottom. The mid sized persuader Eye (9g) has a more rigid body and can also be fished on the bottom with a weight or on the surface without a weight on the triangle snap. The Persuader Paddle has a paddletail and lends itself to a minnow action on regular retrieves, can be jerked in mid water or right below the surface. Each of these rigging systems will come 6 lures to a pack and retail for just under 9 dollars each.










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