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ICAST 2013 Coverage

Savage Gearís Newest Baits Shine at ICAST


Date: 7/29/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Savage Gear
Reviewer: Zander

Savage Gear continues to garner attention from U.S. anglers and this powerhouse from Europe entered ICAST with winning lures from the recent European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition (EFFTEX) in Vienna. For the third year in a row Savage Gear received the Best Soft Lure Award at EFFTEX, this time with the 3D Crayfish.


Looking for an ultra realistic crawfish bait? Check out Savage Gear's new 3D Crawfish


3D Craw: ICAST was the official U.S. debut for the 3D crayfish and the first opportunity for buyers and press stateside to see what all the hubbub was all about. At the show we met up with Mads Grosell, Product Manager of Savage Gear, who walked us through the new lineup of lures.


Notice something special about the hook weight?


Mads explained that not only did they scan an actual crayfish they studied the movement and the escape patterns of crayfish so that they could make a lure that accurately mimicked a crayfish in both design and action and would be irresistible to predatory fish. These baits were specifically designed to respond in the same manner as crayfish would under water, and their air filled claws help give it a defensive posture as well as a more natural stance.


This bait looks great in the water


Leave it to Savage Gear to make even the weight system interesting. There are multiple accessories including a stand up jighead and a stealth spike that can be inserted into the bait just behind the legs with the wire sticking out of the mouth of the craw enabling the bait to be dragged forward, but the most interesting option has to be the weedless hook with cork screw which is like most offset hooks only the weight has been disguised with what looks like eggs. The 3D Craw will come four to a pack and retail for $9.99, and all the terminal tackle options will cost extra. For example the disguised 1/0 1/4oz. weedless hooks will come four to a pack and retail for $6.99.


The TPE Manic Shrimp looks like a great option for inshore anglers


TPE Manic Shrimp: In addition to Crawfish Savage Gear has a number of different shrimp options designed for inshore applications including the TPE Manic Shrimp which is also based on scans of real shrimp. This bait has a very realistic tail design that is designed to kick realistically, and the bait's exaggerated legs and antennae vibrate aggressively during both falls and retrieves.


The tail makes use of nylon mesh for durability


Though the tail looks highly realistic and has what looks like thin joints the tail is actually extremely durable as is infused with nylon mesh which can stand up to short strikes. The TPE Manic Shrimp is available in 2.5", 4" and 5" sizes and each manic Shrimp will retail from $5.99-$6.99 depending on size. 


Savage Gear also introduced a new frog...


Hollow Frog: Savage Gear is entering the frog fray and doing so with a new frog that is designed with realistic legs versus silicone skirts. This new hollow bodied frog features belly details and realistic finishes but the real innovation is in the leg designs. 


...and the new bait is available with two leg options that fish totally differently


That's right, legs, as in plural. The Hollow Frog is available in two different leg configurations, one with an open leg design for heavy cover twitching and walking and another with legs turned inward that is a reaction buzz frog that spits and bubbles like a buzzbait on a steady retrieve. Both of these new Savage gear Hollow Frogs will retail for $9.99 each.


The new Line Through Swimbait also makes use of nylon mesh reinforcement


Line Thru Swimbait: Savage Gear is also rolling out a new swimbait with a line through design which is designed to be fished around heavy cover. This bait is also based on a 3D scan of a real trout and has detailed fin designs and will be available in floating, slow sink and fast sink rates. One of the most interesting things about this bait is the tapered tail which moves side to side aggressively, even during slow crawl retrieves.


This swimbait kicks aggressively even at slow retrieves


Like the Savage Gear TPE Manic Shrimp this bait has thin joints but is still very durable with nylon mesh throughout the joint section on the bait so it will not tear. This new swimbait will be available in the October timeframe and retail for $17.99 each. 


Mads is passionate about fishing and lure design and it shows


Savage Gear continues to gain exposure and fans here in the domestic market and the brand is posed to make some big moves this season. Innovative product design comes from the top at Savage Gear and we wish that every angler could spend a few minutes with Mads as his passion for lure design and fishing are infectious and his insight into just what trigger different species to strike is truly inspiring. It is no surprise that the Savage Gear offerings exhibit so many unique little details, the amount of thought that goes into each lureís design is clearly evident. Just take the shrimp egg weighting design of the new Crayfish for example, the attention to detail is impressive.









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