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ICAST 2013 Coverage

From 13 Comes No. 8 (continued)


Hellbent Rods: Rods in the Hellbent series are constructed of 24 ton graphite with an Evolve soft touch reel seat. Custom handles, stainless steel guides with Zirconium inserts, and a chameleon finish complete the package. Spinning models are offered in 6 versions from 6'0 to 7'0 including two 2-piece rods for a retail price of $39.99. Casting rods come in 8 different models from 6'0 to 7'11 and carry retail prices from $39.99 to $59.99.


The Hellbent rods deliver plenty of high end features like Evolve reel seats and Zirconium reel seats for a great price


Whitetail Rods: Spinning and casting rods in the Whitetail series both come in a 6'6 medium, 7'0 medium, or 6'6 medium-heavy configuration at a price of $59.99. With Realtree camo-themed lightweight carbon blanks, they also feature Evolve custom reel seats, and split grips. All 3 rods carry a retail price of $59.99.


The Hellbent rods come with unsanded blanks and a chameleon finish


Whitetail Reels/Combos: The Whitetail casting reel comes in a 200 size and sports the same camo pattern as the rods. Technical specifications include 5 ball bearings with instant anti-reverse, 6.3:1 gearing, aluminum spool, soft touch knobs, and a magnetic casting system. You can nab a Whitetail reel for $79.99. Rod/reel setups are also available at $99.99 for medium power combos, and $129.99 for the medium-heavy.


No.8 is not just a rod company...


Sync Combos: Sync spinning combos retail for just $49.99 and come in 3 sizes: 5'6 medium, 6'6 medium, and 7'0 medium. All rods are 2 piece and utilize graphite blanks with stainless steel guides, cork handles, and a cushioned reel seat. Sync reels have 3 stainless bearings, instant anti-reverse, and an aluminum spool.


...and with quality baitcasters like this one only has to wonder how long before they come out with a high end lineup


Rhythm: Rhythm combos provide the ultimate in value, costing just $34.99 each. The combos are offered in 3 sizes: 5'6 medium, 6'6 medium, and 7'0 medium, with all rods being 2 piece design. Each rod sports fiberglass construction with stainless steel guides, and reels feature 2 stainless ball bearings, aluminum spool, and a soft touch handle knob.


Ricky Teschendorf shows us the very aggressively priced No.8 offerings


Conclusion: No. 8 Tackle company looks to be a solid value whether you are young, new to the sport, or simply want to stretch your dollars far. We handled several of the setups at ICAST and were surprised at the low prices. Like 13 Fishing, No. 8 Tackle should catch on and become a popular choice for many anglers. Gone are the days when low prices always meant junk products! Look for all of No. 8 Tackle's products to be launching in stores by spring.









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