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High Tech Baits from Livingston “Call” to Fish


Date: 8/27/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Livingston Lures
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: The element of sound has been part of baits for years and traditional lures make use of rattles and in an effort to attract attention to the bait and draw strikes. Livingston Lures plays on the primal instinct of fish by leveraging technology to replicate the sound and vibration of injured baitfish. How do these new high tech lures work? We met up with Livingston Lures Prostaffer Byron Velvick to find out.




In addition to Byron Velvick Livingston boasts a lineup of prostaff that have been involved in the baitmaker’s expanding series of lures including Jeff Kreit, Brent Chapman, Randy Howell, Hank Cherry, Stetson Blaylock and Jacob Powroznik. This all-star lineup has resulted in the introduction of baits that match up with their individual strengths, and for Byron that special lure is the deep billed Dive Master 14 crankbait.


This looks like any other crankbait right?


From first glance these hardbaits may look like normal cranks and jerkbaits but it is what is under the surface that really sets these baits apart. The inventor of this technology, Robert Castaneda, showed us clear versions of these baits that gave us an inside look into what these baits are all about. Jerry Rago of swimbait fame is also involved in the company and is lending his unique design strength to the future lineup.


Lure designer Robert Castaneda shows us what makes these baits so unique...


The Livingston lures feature a proprietary sound system complete with a speaker, circuit board and self-contained battery system. Anglers do not need to turn these baits on, the second they touch the water a circuit is completed and the lure will automatically start “calling” to fish with electronic sounds. The baits also feature traditional rattles which help weigh the lures perfectly and the combination is designed to provoke more strikes.


...inside each bait features a self contained digital sound system that mimic injured baitfish sounds


These baits are designed with a battery shelf life of 2 years and will run for 100 hours of continuous use, which translates into 1 year of average use. Even when the battery runs out the lure can still be effective, albeit more as a stealth offering without the digital noise elements.


These baits are available in a variety of different lure types


Livingston Lures produces these baits in a wide array of configurations including a lipless crank, a variety of lipped cranks, a wakebait, a walk the dog cigar style bait and a jerkbait. These baits are available in large number of different finishes ranging from traditional patterns to flashy chrome and gold finishes. Each of the Livingston Baits retails for $11.99 each and the lures are available now.


A larger than life prototype


Before leaving the booth Byron and the team at Livingston motioned us over to the front counter and said they had something else to show us. They opened up a case and showed us the brand new prototypes of the baits they were still working on. Included in each case was a ranking matrix provided to each of their prostaff which allowed them to fish the prototypes and mark which elements and baits they preferred.




Byron talked about the process and how much input the Pros have into the design of these signature baits. It is clear that these digital sounds are just the beginning and Livingston is looking to continually merge design and technology together to build better more effective fish catching machines.








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