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Date: 07.14.10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

The pros were out in force this year at the Spro booth and why not? They each had news of new products to share with us. We caught up with John Crews, Mike Mc Clelland, and Bill Siemantel.




John Crew's new fatter bodied crank


Fat John 60: John Crews could not wait to show us his slick new crankbait, the Fat John 60. This bait is designed to cover shallow water and features the wobble of a traditional fat plug but with a bigger side to side hunting motion. The official weight for this bait is half an ounce and its rated for a one to three foot running depth when fished with 10lb test line. It will be available in 8 different colors and of course, comes with premium Gamakatsu hooks (two #5s). It will be available in October for $12.99. Zander is currently testing the original and has had a lot of success with the bait at the California Delta and Lake Falcon, the new fat bodied bait brings even more breadth to an already robust line.

The Fat John 60 looks like a cross between a flat sided crank and a typical, shallow running fat crank.

McStick 95: Mike McClelland has earned his reputation along the Elite trail as a jerkbait fisherman. His new, McStick 95 is a downsized version of last year’s 110 and features two Gamakatsu #5 hooks. Mike describes it has having a bit freer action than the 110 and designed this bait for shallow water as a floater and diver rather than a suspending bait. He pulls this bait out when the fish are finicky. The McStick 95 is expected to ship in October and will retail for $12.99.


The McStick 95 is a smaller version of last year's 110 but made for even shallower water.


The McRip 85 is built for deeper water and looks to compete with Lucky Craft's Staycee.

McRip 85: On the other hand, when you need to get deeper but still with a smaller bait profile, Mike recommends his new McRip 85. Built to reach depths of 8-12 feet on light line, this bait suspends. It comes with two #5 hooks but if you need it to run deeper Mike suggests switching out for heavier hooks for just that little extra edge in depth. Weighing in at half an ounce, the McRip 85 will be one of Mc Clelland’s go to baits for the spring, but is expected to ship as soon as October for a retail price of $12.99.

Mike McClelland's new series of jerkbaits are due to hit store shelves in October 2010.

BBZ-1 Baby Shad: Well, the tease is finally over and the BBZ-1 Baby Shad is officially available, finally. Weighing in at one quarter of an ounce, this four segmented, two and half inch long bait will only be available in one sink rate estimated at one foot per second if fished on six pound line. It will be available in nine different colors and is expected to ship to stores immediately. Retail on this bait is expected to be $13.99.



The BBZ-1 Baby Shads are finally ready.


The BBZ-1 Baby Shad will be available in a wide variety of colors.

Conclusion: The more we see of their product, the more we like what Spro has to offer. Based off his recent experience with the Little John MD, Zander was really excited about the new crank and jerkbait offerings and that Baby Shad might see some action in 2011 given the plans we have for next year’s theme. Did we say the teasing is over?











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