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Event Article: 2010 ICAST Rods Coverage

St. Croix Rods with 3M Matrix Nano Resin and Other New Offerings

Date: 7/19/10
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: St Croix Rods
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: St Croix Rods has offerings for a wide range of species and are among the most high tech rod companies out there, with a full blown in-house R&D lab that applies many technologies and techniques that other manufacturers simply cannot replicate. This year they are incorporating a 3M Matrix Nano Resin into some of their more high performing rods.




3M Matrix Resin (NSi): St Croix is stepping up the game yet again this year. The company is already known for their IPC, ART, and other technologies applied to their rods to improve performance, durability, and sensitivity. This time St. Croix is working with 3M to further the performance of their high end rods. The 3M Matrix Resin is bonded to the high modulus or high strain graphite fibers in the following rod series - Legend Elite (casting, spinning, fly), Legend Xtreme (casting and spinning), Bank Robber, and Legend Salt. The Legend Elite and Xtreme rods with the 3M Matrix resin will be available January 2011. The Legend Salt and Bank Robber will be available in October 2010.


Look for this label on the St Croix rods to indicate it has the 3M Matrix Resin


The new 3M Matrix Resin is unique because it uses nano-sized (ultra-microscopic) spheres of silica as a homogeneous, non-abrasive filler between the carbon fibers of a graphite rod blank, which results in a much stronger finished product. With this material St. Croix is able to provide an stronger rod without increasing its weight, and the nano technology does not affect the rod's action or power.


Jason Brunner of St Croix explains the benefits of the 3M Matrix Resin when used with their blanks


Legend Salt: The new Legend Salt saltwater fishing rods will use St Croix's IPC, ART, and the new 3M Matrix resin. This results in an incredibly rugged, yet lightweight offshore rod that will perform well even harsh environments and prolonged battles with big game fish.


Introducing the Legend Salt offshore series, one that greatly benefits from the 3M Matrix nano resin


Rugged components are used


In addition the Legend Salt features St Croix's premium quality SCII graphite blank, Fuji HB saltwater guides with SiC rings and gunsmoke frames on conventional models and Fuji MN saltwater guides with SiC rings and gunsmoke frames on spinning models. It also utilizes Alps Triangular marine-grade aluminum reel seats with hard anodized finish, Alps marine grade gimbals with hard anodized finish, and high-density nylon slick butt and EVA foregrip.



The new Legend Salt offshore rods will be available in October 2010 and depending on model, retail price will range from $330 to $400.


Good length handles and grips designed for offshore fishing


Mojo Inshore: The existing series of Mojo rods are such a big hit that St. Croix is extending the series to other species. Introducing the Mojo Inshore, developed from the same Mojo blank and design specifically for Inshore anglers with affordability in mind.


Here's a new high performing yet affordable series, the Mojo Inshore


The new Mojo Inshore series of casting and spinning rods will use St Croix's SCII graphite and each is wrapped with Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides with 316 stainless steel frames. All thread wraps are protected with two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.



The grips include Fuji DPS reel seats with black hoods on spinning models and Fuji ECS reel seats with black hood on casting models. The split-grip handles are made from premium-grade cork.


Here's a photo of the spinning model


These new rods will retail from $110 to $140 in the Fall and will come with a 5 year warranty backed by St Croix's Superstar Service.


And the casting model. Price for the Mojo Inshore rungs $110 to $140


Eyecon (Walleye): Walleye anglers, there's a new treat for you straight from St Croix. The team in Park Falls has designed a technique specific, high performing rod specifically for walleye fishing. These 11 rods will have fast and extra-fast action spinning models ranging from 6'3" to 8' in length, plus a 7' casting rod.


Introducing the Eyecon for Walleye anglers



Built on SCII graphite these rods are mated with Fuji's IPS reel seat for spinning and Fuji's ECS reel seat for casting. These rods will retail from only $100 to $120 which includes a 5 year warranty and will be available in October 2010.


A walleye technique specific rod series


this spinning rod has a combination of cork and foam grips for comfort



Musky, Carp, and Fly Rods









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