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Rescue tape, just stretch, wrap and get rescued!

Date: 7/21/10
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Rescue Tape
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: So just what is Rescue Tape and what is it doing at a fishing tackle show? This tape is a self fusing silicone repair tape that is designed to repair watercraft leaks and electrical wiring but also can be used as a shrink wrap, handle grip and so much more.




Rescue tape was first used by the US military and is a great field repair tool due to the tape’s unique properties starting with the fact that it is self fusing. Simply stretch the tape and layer it over itself and it fuses solid almost instantly. Rescue Tape has an incredible tensile strength of 950PSI and can insulate 8000 volts per layer. When it comes to heat resistance Rescue Tape can withstand 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is able to remain flexible to -85° F!


Rescue Tape has some unique properties that make it excellent for boat repairs in a pinch


We checked out the tape at ICAST on a number of items like tubing, pump connections and even a rod and reel clamped together. Rescue tape creates a permanent seal between objects or over leaks but can be easily cut away with a blade like a rubber gasket, there is absolutely no gummy or sticky residue like with electric tape or duct tape and because it can hold up to fuel, oil, acid, solvents, saltwater and UV rays it is extremely adaptable for a wide range of applications.


Simply stretch and layer and the silicon tape fuses together


We were amazed by how quick and easy applications are, as well as the ability of the tape to be used for such a wide array of situations. The sky really is the limit but a few possible uses include just keeping it onboard the boat for emergency repairs for hose and fitting leaks.


The tape can be used to repair fuel lines


Suppose there is an o-ring gasket that has failed, simply put a few layers on a tube of the same diameter and roll it off and you have created an emergency o-ring. If electrical wires get frayed you can prevent shorts by simply wrapping Rescue Tape over the damage. You can also wrap numerous wires together to neaten up areas, wrapped tightly the wiring looks like it has been professionally split loomed.


Layer on a pipe...


...and roll it off for a o-ring gasket


If your reel seat is not holding in your spinning eel tightly or you need a better grip on your rod just wrap Rescue Tape over the rod and reel hanger and your all set. Some of the most interesting uses are creating an emergency fan belt or to create a compression strap if someone is injured, the applications really are endless.


Rescue Tape can be cut off and leaves no residue whatsoever


Conclusion: Rescue Tape isn’t your conventional “tackle” but it can mean the difference between a day out on the water or sitting idle and waiting to get towed in. But it isn’t just about keeping your boat running, Rescue Tape serves as a quality grip material for tools and rods, the fact that it can be so easily applied and removed without any trace of residue only makes the product more appealing.











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