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Van Staal's New Tough Yet Affordable VM150 Spinning Reel

Date: 7/15/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Van Staal
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Van Staal reels are known to be super tough, withstanding water submersion, sand, salt, and much more. They have always somewhat been tough for many anglers to buy not because of availability but because of the high cost of entry. Introducing the new VM150, it's a spinning reel that is almost as tough but many more times less expensive than the original Van Staal models and now every angler can afford to have one.


Introducing the new Van Staal VM150 spinning reel


Van Staal VM150 Spinning Reel: Van Staal is a name hardcore salt anglers correlate to a product being strong, durable, reliable, and high performing. This year they are introducing a new spinning reel that's just as solid as the traditional Van Staal reels but at an incredible price point that any angler can afford for this high end brand of product.


A tough body construction with durable gears. It's no longer oil filled


The VM150 is constructed from a block of cold hard aluminum that has all the goods of the $600+ models. The body, rotor, and spool are all anodized for saltwater durability. But there are changes that make the reel actually better for the everyday angler. Van Staal added ultra smooth gears with the proper lubrication unlike the other models where the gear box is oil filled. Also added is the ability to interchange the handle from left hand to right hand just like a normal spinning reel.


The bail can be tripped by turning the handle


Stainless steel comprises essential components such as the drive gear, pinion, handle arm, bail wire, bail holder, and six smooth and durable ball bearings. The five carbon washer drag system is specified to produce 30 pounds of drag pressure but the Van Staal team has tested it to near 40 pounds.


A large ergonomic handle knob for a good grip


The Van Staal VM150 has a low speed gear ratio of 4.9:1 and 33 inches of line retrieve with each revolution of the handle. This gives you the torque needed to winch a fish in and fast enough to work fast moving lures for big game species. With that said the VM150 is more of a boat reel. Though we've said it's equivalent to the other $600+ models there are differences that make this reel about half the price. There are four oil seals that keep water and other debris out but Van Staal isn't marketing this reel as being 100% waterproof. The reel can be submerged into water but leaving it for a prolonged periods of time could result in water intrusion.


This affordable $399 version does not fall short of the Van Staal name


Currently there's only one size, the 150 with line capacity of 275 yard of 12 pound mono or 285 yards of 30 pound braid. We were told that in the near future, perhaps next ICAST or so, there will be more models in different sizes which will apply to different applications. Anglers can expect this reel to be available for purchase Fall 2010 for only $399, that's an absolutely incredible price for a Van Staal reel.


Four seals keep water and other junk out though the reel isn't marketed to be 100% waterproof


Conclusion: It's amazing how a Van Staal reel, with similar guts and characteristics of the traditional models, can be so affordable (as affordable as we can expect with such a premium reel that is). The new VM150 spinning reel is just as durable, high performing, and sealed though Van Staal isn't claiming it's 100% waterproof, but have a price of only $399. Now anglers who couldn't fork out $600+ to buy a Van Staal now can, and because this new model is actually designed to be more like the conventional spinning reels, allowing anglers to use it with ease it also speaks to a larger audience.








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