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Date: 8/11/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Reaction Strike/Castaic
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Reaction Strike is known for their swimbaits and recently they brought well known brand Castaic Baits into their fold. This ICAST they displayed a number of prototypes as well as two new swimbaits nearing production and they are certainly not “me too” offerings.


A few of the prototype bodies that Reaction Strike and Castaic are working on


When we met up with big bass hunter Mike Long at ICAST he told us we just had to check out the new swimbaits that Castaic had in the Reaction Strike booth so we made a bee line to the booth where we were greeted by Rick Quade. Rick told us that together Castaic was no moving full speed ahead with a wide range of baits and reached behind the table to show us some of the still in development prototypes of new soft bodied baits.


One of the new baits nearing production is the Castaic Kicker which has no joints


While they were still working out the details on these prototypes there were two baits that he did show us that are near mass production. The first was the bait that Mike Long described as the “Revolver.” When we first looked at this flat sided swimbait it did indeed have the profile of a gun. The tail arched downwards and while the head was 3D the body from behind the gills to the tail was flat.


The head isn't quite flat and has rounded features...


This somewhat odd looking swimbait is officially called the “Kicker” and the flat body is designed to give this swimbait a very unique eel-like action when retrieved. We tested the lure in a fish tank at the booth and while there was not a whole lot of room we found that the lure exhibited this wave action almost immediately when retrieved.


...but the body is flat which gives this swimbait a very unique eel like swimming action


The Kicker also has another unique ability that it can collapse extremely easily in the mouth of fish, it basically rolls up into a small ball. While it is armed with a top hook there is also a hook hanger below if anglers want to add a stinger. At the time of launch in the next few weeks there will be 10 patterns available and all will be 7 ½” in length, a smaller 5 ½” version will be released later. Each Kicker will retail for a very reasonable $12.99.


Because the bait is so flat it can collapse easily in a fish's mouth


Also coming soon is an extremely long multi-segmented swimbait that was made out of a mold of an actual American eel. This long bait is designed to closely mimic the eels side to side movement when swimming in the water and will come armed with a fluorocarbon stinger.


Also coming is a new swimbait made from an actual mold of an American Eel


This bait is designed for anglers in the East Coast to match the hatch. Pricing has not yet been finalized.


Rick shows us a massive version of the Reaction Strike Revolution swimbait


Conclusion: Reaction Strike’s popular Revolution Swimbaits are well known among anglers and we were excited to see that development of Castaic baits will continue under the new company, and it seems the team has wasted no time in beefing up their offerings. The Kicker was probably the most unique swimbait at ICAST and the hybrid round and flat design of this new bait gives it a unique look and feel that translates into a very different swimbait action in the water. This is not your usual tail wagging swimbait, the entire body slinks as a wave travels from head to tail much like a live eel. It isn’t hard to imagine a bass absolutely mashing this flat sided bait.











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