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Date: 7/27/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Owner Hooks
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Owner has long been considered one of the top three hook manufacturers in the world. Their combination of super sharp hooks together with stout construction has made them a favorite of heavy line fishermen throughout the world. Last year, this terminal tackle company ventured into the soft bait market with the introduction of a series of finesse worms, a creature bait, and a soft bodied swimbait. This year, Owner extends this lineup with the introduction of three new baits and follows up with a couple of terminal tackle introductions as well.


The Yuki Bug is now available in a smaller size.

Baby Yuki Bug: The Yuki Bug was arguably their most successful soft bait introduction at last year’s ICAST. Everyone loves a creature/craw bait, but the original, at 4.3 inches, was just a tad large for anglers looking for an all purpose trailer. Owner answers this call with the introduction of the Baby Yuki Bug. At 3.3 inches in length, this bait should prove effective not only in trailer and jighead applications, but also as a drop shot, swimming, and weightless Texas rig bait. It will be available in six different colors in including new for this year “grub white” and will come in packs of eight for approximately $7 each pack.


In a technique brought over from Japan, the Wounded Minnow is Owner's latest soft plastic offering.


Wounded Minnow: Owner enters the soft bait minnow market with two new products, their Wounded Minnow and Nervous Rex. The Wounded Minnow is a 3.5 inch bait built especially for wacky rigging on the owner Wacky Jig Head and is a bait combo brought over from Japan. The Wacky Jig Head has a longer than traditional hook shank and features a v-bend at the bottom of the hook’s bend to help secure the Wounded Minnow in place. The Wounded Minnow will be available in packs of six for $7 and will be offered in five different colors including what is sure to be a TT Staff favorite, Ayu. The complimentary Wacky Jig Head will be offered in 4 different weights from 1/32nd to 3/16ths and will come in packs of four for approximately $6.75.


The new Owner Wacky Jighead was made especially for the new Wounded Minnow.


Nervous Rex is a new soft bodied jerkbait from Owner.

Nervous Rex: At just under six inches in length, Nervous Rex is your more traditional soft plastic jerkbait. Owner recommends rigging it with either their Weighted TwistLOCK hooks or the Ultrahead Round Type or Flashy Swimmer products. Rex will come in packs of four for approximately $7.25 and will be available in five different colors.

Nervous Rex is just under six inches in length...

...and will be sold in packs of four at right around $7.25.

TwistLOCK Finesse Hook: Finally, Owner takes a step into an area they are less known for and that is the finesse market. Their new TwistLOCK Finesse hook will be available in size 2, 1, and 1/0 and will be packaged in fours selling for $4.50. Featuring their Centering-Pin Spring, the new TwistLOCK Finesse might very well extend the life of soft plastic finesse worms that tend to rip off the hook after one or two fish.


The TwistLOCK Finesse hooks will help prolong the life of finesse worms.


Add a Flashy Accent to the shank of your hook to change things up.


The new Trolling Jobu is made with big game fish in mind.


Touring bass pros have been pleading for these and they're finally here.. a size 5 treble from Owner.


Dennis Yamamoto from Owner America.


Conclusion: Owner continues to impress with their wide assortment of terminal tackle products. Add to that mix a line of soft plastics made especially for Owner hooks and you make an already effective product all that more desirable. Look for all these and several other Owner introductions this coming Fall.











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