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Date: 7/27/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Minn Kota
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Ever wanted to drop anchor during a day of bass fishing but never could because anchors are too cumbersome to carry on a bass boat? Have you coveted the Power Pole system but shudder at the cost and maintenance responsibilities of a hydraulic system? Ever wonder why someone couldn’t come out with a solution powered by your boat’s onboard batteries? You know, a plug and play deal that you can easily install and remove yourself rather than having to take your entire rig into a dealership and wait until they have time to get to it?


Looking for an alternative to the Power Pole? Minn Kota introduces their solution to shallow water anchoring in the Talon.


So easy to install, you can do it yourself.

Thanks to Minn Kota, your desires may very well have been met. At ICAST 2010, Minn Kota introduced the Talon, their entirely electric solution to your shallow water anchoring dilemma. Available in either 6’4” or 8’4” lengths when fully extended, the Talon is made of marine-grade aluminum and is safe for use in salt or freshwater.

Each unit comes with a remote control.


Deployment is straight down with the composite fiberglass spike.

It deploys quietly, and efficiently, straight down from its mounted position (instead of out and down) sending a reinforced fiberglass spike down into the water until reaches hard bottom. The spike is warranted for life and the best part of this device is, should you have any problems or require repair or service on the unit, you can unbolt it yourself and take it in for service and leave your boat where you typically store it - no going boatless for days or weeks on end while your Talon is being repaired.

The unit can self adjust in rough water too.


LED indicators tell you how far down your Talon has deployed.

There is a rough water mode where the unit will adjust up and down should you be caught in bad weather, a wireless remote so you can deploy from anywhere in the boat, an LED depth indicator, and an alarm to warn you if you forget to retract the spike and start your motor.


Rich Christensen shows us Minn Kota's Talon.


Conclusion: Retail on the Minn Kota Talon will be $1,399.99 to $1,449.99 depending on the model and availability is expected on October 1st 2010. For anglers wanting the maximum versatility in their shallow water anchoring needs, the Minn Kota Talon could very well be it.











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