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Gene Larew's Do-It-All Salt Flick'R and Other Exciting Products

Date: 7/22/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Gene Larew
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Gene Larew is well known for its unique plastic designs and this year at ICAST they added a few new lures to their line card. The ones that stood out the most to use were the new Salt Flick'R worm that utilize an innovative swiveling jighead.


Introducing the new unique Salt Flick'R worm


Salt Flick'R Worm: Plastic worms are perhaps on of the most versatile baits out there and are effective in a wide array of applications. Gene Larew's new Salt Flick'R worm has a number of unique features and is made to be oval in shape with a slight bulge in the middle. This design allows anglers to effectively use this particular plastic for wacky rigging, and the head is solid which provides a good solid foundation for jigheads or worm hooks.


The belly of this worm is ribbed to provide more action it rubbed against structure or water


Another neat design feature is that the body of the plastic worm has a smooth back while the underside is ribbed. The ribbed bottom creates unique actions when retrieved on the bottom of the lake or when pulled over structure. Because of its design and added appendages you can work the Salt Flick'R in multiple ways such as shaky worm, trick worm, swimbait, sinking worm, and of course as a basic plastic worm. The new Gene Larew Salt Flick'R is available in 14 exciting patterns and a pack of 8 baits will retail for $6.99.


Gene Larew's paddled tail legs are attached to the Salt Flick'R




Biffle HardHead: If you're a "bottom bugger" gene Larew has a new jighead designed for this specific technique. Here's a short explanation on what "bottom buggin'" is all about. "Professional bass angler Tommy Biffle of Oklahoma is known as the founder of the bait presentation technique called “pitching.” Now after two hot summer major tournament wins in Oklahoma and Tennessee, he is also known to be the master of a new bait dancing technique that is now being called “bottom buggin.”


The new Biffle HardHeads have a swiveling hook design

In a nutshell, bottom buggin is likened to reeling a crankbait along the bottom so that the bait is hitting and deflecting off of anything and everything it comes in contact with. The difference is that in bottom buggin’, a weedless-rigged soft plastic bait is used, providing the angler with even greater versatility in putting and keeping the bait right where bass live and eat." The Biffle HardHead is a powder coated football shaped jighead with two wired loop on there, one for your line and the other is where the hook swivels on. This allows the plastic bait to freely move during the retrieve, all while rigged weedless.


Can be rigged weedless and the swiveling bait can move around erratically


The wire that forms the loop is constructed out of quality stainless steel to provide greater durability and will not dislodge from the lead head even when a lot of pressure is applied. The HardHead comes in four different sizes - 3/16, 5/16, 7/16, and 11/16 ounces. The 3/16 ounce comes with a 3/0 J-style hook and all other weights with a 4/0 J-style worm hook. The Biffle HardHead comes two to a package and will be available within 2 months.


Thanks Crystal and Gary Dollahon for showing TackleTour the new and exciting new products


Conclusion: Gene Larew knows their plastics and the detail in each implementation is always impressive, each and every bit of plastic is designed with purpose. The Salt Flick'R is sure be a killer bait when retrieved at all levels and worked with your favorite worming technique. The HardHead, a football shaped lead head with a swiveling worm hook gives anglers a new weapon in which to work plastics in weedy situations while allowing the attached plastic bait to go where it wants to while exhibiting a seriously erratic action designed to drive bass wild. Sometimes you can look at a plastic and your gut will tell you "that will catch fish," and in the case of these latest lures from Gene Larew that's exactly the message we are receiving loud and clear. 











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