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Date: 8/2/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lakewood Products
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Our recent Crankbait Rod Wars and Search For One campaigns have caused us to supplement our preference for throwing big baits with more conventional techniques. As such, our collection of Lakewood A048 and A049 big bait boxes, reviewed back in 2007 and 2008 respectively, have seen little action. Imagine our surprise then, when we saw Steve Wagnitz, president and CEO of Lakewood Products, at ICAST 2010 where he shared with us, the new and improved version of his boxes.


Lakewood Products has replaced the wood interior of their product with a more stable plastic AND doubled the count of clips shipping with their swimbait boxes.

Having struggled with some quality control issues shortly after our review of their bait boxes, Lakewood Products made a heavy investment in machinery to update their factory and are now building their bait cases with high quality plastic inserts instead of wood. The result is a more structurally sound box better able to withstand abuse in shipping and travel while maintaining the strength Lakewood Products have been known for. What’s more, these boxes now have a built-in buoyancy that Wagnitz tells us results in the ability of all their boxes to float even when filled with baits!


The A063 is a more general purpose tackle box.


AO63: New for this year are two more traditional multi-species bait cases designed to house several standard utility boxes like those built by Plano. First is the A063 built to house five Plano 3700 style plastic boxes (included with your purchase) in the main compartment, one 3620 box (not included) in each of the two side pockets, and two 3620 boxes (not included) in the rear pocket. The A063 measures 15.25” in length by 11.5” in front to back depth by 10” in actual height and retails for $119.99.


The A067 is a smaller version of this same box.

A067: The A067 is a smaller version of the A063 and comes with five Plano 3620 boxes, two zippered side pockets, and Lakewood’s usual front pocket setup for tools. It measures 11” in length by 9.5” in front to back depth by 7.25” in height and retails for $89.99. The great thing about these boxes? They all come with Lakewood’s typical rigid internal framing system so not only do they stay open and ready to accept your utility boxes when empty, you can use them as casting or stepping platforms.

The A027 is meant to go at the base of your pedestal seat.


A027: Also new for this year from Lakewood Products is their A027 Pedestal Organizer. This box features a hole right down the middle meant for the pole of your pedestal seat. Rest it on your front or back deck and use it to keep hot baits and accessories (scents, pliers, clippers, shades, etc.) handy while fishing. The box measures 9x9.5x9 inches all around and retails for $69.99.


With hole right through the center to hold it secure around your pedestal.


Fishouflage: Last but not least, all Lakewood Products are now not only available in their usual array of 7 colors (black, green, gray, stone, flame), but for an added cost that ranges from five to fifteen dollars depending on the product, they’re now available in four new Fishouflage colors as well.


Steve Wagnitz demonstrates the strength and stability of his product.


Conclusion: With their new, multi-species cases, Lakewood Products has upped the ante in what to expect from your tackle box. Does your current tackle box or tackle bag float? Can you stand on it or use it as a stepping platform? Does it stay rigid on its sides when empty or even partially empty? If you’ve ever wanted any of these properties in your tackle box, you might want to check out the new offerings from Lakewood Products.










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