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Date: 7/16/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Ko-Man-Chi
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Spinnerbaits are back and a number of manufacturers are adding innovation to these proven fish catching blades. Ko-Man-Chi had one of the most interesting designs with a hybrid hard bend and flexible wire design. We sat down with Dr. Spinnerbait to learn more...


The Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbait in retail packaging, from far away this blade may look like any other but look closer...


Robert Osler, AKA Doctor Spinnerbait has taken spinnerbait design to a new level and addressed some of the main problems with traditional spinnerbait design including short strikes and using the wire's leverage to throw blades after being hooked.


A hollow tube holds the wire blade in position, this flexible wire allows the bait to compress based on speed


Using a combination of a hard metal bend on the front of the wire and a flexible wire housed inside this blade will move and compress depending on speed. The faster the spinnerbait is retrieved the more compact it becomes and it is able to stay straight without rolling side to side.


A look at the Lead/Tin Ko-Man-Chi head


When slow rolling the spinnerbait the arms stay more open with plenty of vibration. The soft wire allows this blade to put out more vibration because both the top and bottom are flexible. This vibration is also designed to make the bait more detectable in low light, dirty water and night conditions. For these conditions Dr. Spinnerbait pairs the blades with a Colorado and Tear Drop "Wide Willowleaf."


A closer look at the wire exiting the tube


Then comes the strike, once fish hit this blade it has the ability to swing 360 degrees. When the fish bumps the spinnerbait the hook is free to go right, left, over or under making for an easy hook set. When the fish gets hooked it will have a hard time shaking this bait off as the wire is flexible and can move in the direction of the jump or head shake.


Blades are attached to the wire


There are a few different models ranging from the Classic, Pro Tournament model, and Platinum Edition. The difference between these models is the level and quality of the components like the swivels and hooks.


A keeper holds bundled trailer hooks in place, and we were exited to see the use of TroKar hooks


The head design is features a mix of 63% tin and 37% lead and 3D blood red eyes. The skirt is 80 strand and Ko-Man-Chi has over 70 colors/patterns to choose from. The Classic model features VMC 4/0 Barbarian hooks and a VMC 3/0 6250 needle cone trailer hook, while the Pro Tournament model makes use of Lazer Sharp 608M 4/0 hooks and a Lazer Sharp L261M 3/0 trailer hook while the Platinum versions are armed to the teeth with Lazer TroKar ”Surgically Sharpened Technology” 4/0 hooks and even come with a Lazer Sharp L261M 3/0 trailer hook.


Dr. Spinnerbait shows us his latest Ko-Man-Chi spinnerbaits, a little operation on the local bass lake is in order with these exciting new blades


Conclusion: Dr. Spinnerbait knows his stuff and walked us through the intricacies between the designs of his new baits. The hard tube and soft wire combination gives anglers the best of both worlds and the blades themselves are all hand built with exceptional attention to detail. This is one blade that has design features specifically to help anglers bring more fish into the boat from the initial strike to landing.











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