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ICAST 2010 Coverage

G.Loomis Debuts NRX and it is the Real Deal!


Date: 7/14/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: G.Loomis
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Let's face it while G.Loomis makes a great rod there hasn't been a whole lot of innovation or excitement from the camp in the last few years. Rather than redefine themselves Loomis seemed content to simply make evolutionary changes rather than revolutionary ones. While this satisfied die-hard Loomis fans some anglers started to defect to other rod brands, including Shimano themselves, who were willing to make more sweeping changes to their rods. Well that all changed today when the company officially introduced their new line of NRX rods.


The biggest G.Loomis Introduction in a decade, meet NRX


G.Loomis NRX: To understand NRX we have to go a few years back, ok many years back. Loomis has a long storied history and has been a long-time leader in graphite rod blank technology. It started with IM6 and GL2, then to GL3 and IMX, and then GLX more than 16 years ago, the only graphite made strictly for use in the construction of fishing rods. The company feels that the "next breakthrough" is now here with G.Loomis’ new NRX bass rods, offered in 13 casting and spinning models designed for jig and worm situations, Carolina rigs, drop-shot and ShakyHead techniques. Along with the NRX bass rods, G.Loomis is also introducing 16 NRX four-piece fly rods in weights and designs for trout, salmon/steelhead, saltwater and two-hand/spey techniques.


G.Loomis played a history of their rod innovations at the booth

Calling on the talents of chief rod designer Steve Rajeff and the support of the entire G.Loomis team worldwide, anglers “will uncover a series of rods that are at least 15-percent lighter than similar GLX rods, plus we’re able to offer a durability feature to make them up to 20-percent stronger and more impact resistant,” said Rajeff. “And as anglers would expect from G.Loomis, we bring the best in components from reel seats, grips and guides specific for the bass rods and fly rods. At G.Loomis, we have never settled for just good enough. These NRX rods are the best at every level in terms of graphite, resins and components to provide anglers with the most dynamic, lightweight and sensitive rods we’ve ever made.”


Steve Rajeff talks about the new NRX rods at the press briefing


TackleTour readers will recognize Justin Poe as the Rod PM from Shimano that was involved in bringing great rods like the Cumara and Cumulus to market. He is now the brand manager at G.Loomis and explains the NRX construction method is completely unique to rod manufacturing. “By utilizing a stiffer, lighter and higher density carbon married with Nano Silica resin systems, we can provide Steve and his design team with a material that provides all kinds of positive benefits to anglers. The rods are lighter, yet more durable, extremely sensitive, and yet stiffer. Obviously we simply think they are the best rods out there.”


Brand Manager Justin Poe shows us a rigged NRX


So just what makes these rods so unique? Let's start with the fact the material is completely new for the company and this is the first G.Loomis rod to make use of a split grip design. The rods also feature G.Loomis’ unique ‘Hybrid Guide System’ that combines the strategic placement of both Fuji titanium-framed SIC and REC Recoil black ion coated nickel-titanium guides from the stripper to the tip. “We use stiffer Fuji guides closest to the reel to offer more sensitivity transfer to the angler along with moving weight back to rods’ butt section plus also on the tip,” said Rajeff, “and then REC black Ion-coated single foot guides that are extremely small and light so as not to impede casting and retrieve performance. Looking down the rod, it looks like the guides disappear off the blank.”


The bottom of the rod makes use of titanium framed SIC guides...


...while the top uses Recoil black ion coated nickel-titanium guides

G.Loomis provides its own ‘skeletonized’ reel seat designs on all the NRX bass rods, where an angler’s finger is truly on the rod blank. This is an obvious cue from the Shimano playbook (ala Cumara and Cumulus) and we like it.


That reel seat implementation looks familiar

“Never before have I felt a rod with this much life,” said Poe. “Life is something we talk about as a premiere rod company, and in these NRX rods, anglers will feel the difference when their lure drags across silt, gravel, and ridges even at 60-feet. With the life in these rods, even a light tick turns into a thump. Set the hook.”


Cal makes a few long casts...

So how much do we believe the hype? We had to try the rods out for ourselves and took them to the back of the hall for some extended casts. We were impressed. Afterwards we went to a casting area that Loomis set up in which we could cast and bump jigs over various structures including sand, rock, wood, and grass. We could easily discern the different structures from one another. We were further impressed. NRX looks like the absolute real deal. We can't wait to see what a fish feels like on the end of the line on one of these sticks.


...then tries a few sensitivity tests


The NRX bass rods feature a split grip

Bass anglers will be able to choose between eight casting and five spinning rods. Jig and Worm casting rods include the 6-foot-8-inch NRX 802C JWR medium power, 803C JWR medium-heavy power and 804C JWR heavy power; the 7-foot-1-inch NRX 852C JWR medium power, 853C JWR medium-heavy power and 854C JWR heavy power; and the medium-heavy power 7-foot-5-inch NRX 893C JWR. In spinning models, the NRX jig and worm rods include the 6-foot-8-inch 802S JWR medium power and 803S JWR medium-heavy power, and the 7-foot-1-inch medium power 852S JWR.


For Carolina rig action, the NRX series offers the medium-heavy power 7-foot-3-inch 873C CRR. For drop shot techniques, anglers are offered the NRX 822S DSR, and for ShakyHead use, there’s the 822S SYR. Both these rods are 6-foot-10-inch spinning models.


A look at the spinning version


Putting any rumors to rest about country of origin all NRX models will be manufactured in the USA. They will be available from select tackle dealers in both the U.S. and Canada on Friday, August 13 starting at 8pm local time, and the company will provide more information on the rod launch including participating shops the week of August 2. Let the countdown to NRX officially begin!

The NRX rods are very light and feel great in hand, they look like the real deal and we can't wait to see what a fish feels like on them

Loomis is also introducing NRX fly rods

A closer look at a NRX 9wt.

The NRX fly reel seat and clamp

G.Loomis NRX Casting Rod Descriptions - NRX 802C JWR: This is an incredibly light weight, insanely sensitive pitching and casting rod for largemouth, smallmouth and spots.  At 6'8", it's extremely versatile, capable of fishing light jigs, small worms, top-waters and even spinner-baits. A really nice open-water rod, you'll find it effective when a finesse approach is required, especially for fishing lighter line in clear water conditions.  If you think our GLX is light and sensitive, you are not going to believe this one!  NRX gives lightweight and sensitivity a whole new meaning!

NRX 803C JWR: Recognized as one of our best all-around magnum tapered casting rod actions, this may well be the best we've ever made!  It has a unique blend of power and lightweight for fishing medium-sized jigs and soft plastics, especially for medium depths of 15’ or less. The extra-fast tip gives you accurate, low trajectory casts with plenty of power for pulling big fish away from heavy cover.  If you thought GLX was sensitive, this NRX version will blow you away!  It's sneaky powerful, insanely light and so incredibly sensitive you can almost feel a fish looking at your lure. 

NRX 804C JWR: When the fish are tight to cover and you don't have a lot of casting room, this is the rod you want. It's powerful and gives you excellent pitching control in close-quarters.  It's designed for fishing big jigs and soft plastics, but with our NRX technology it's so incredibly light it doesn't seem possible that it can be so powerful.  If short, accurate casts and a really sensitive rod are factors critical to your success this is the rod.  It’s a powerhouse that will haul a big bass out of the brush yet has enough tip to cast accurately.  It's so light and insanely sensitive you'll feel things you never imagined before!

NRX 852C JWR: This rod is designed for fishing clear water lakes and rivers where lighter line and long casts are required to catch spooky fish. The extra length helps create more tip speed for increased casting distance and positive hook, but with NRX it fishes a lot shorter.  It's so incredibly light and so sensitive you'll feel things you've never felt before.  When the bite gets tough and you need to downsize your baits, this rod will give you the ability to handle the smaller sized jigs and worms you need to be successful. The softer tip and powerful butt-section make this an excellent choice for fishing buzz baits.  NRX makes it so incredibly light and sensitive it's takes fishing to a whole new level!

NRX 853C JWR: This is one of our most versatile medium-heavy casting rods and with our new NRX technology it's the lightest and most sensitive we've ever made.  It has a light enough tip for smooth casting with sufficient power in the mid- and butt-section to keep fish away from trouble.  It fishes medium-sized jigs, plastic worms and soft jerk-baits with total precision, yet it’s so light, it's hard to understand how it can be so powerful.  The extra length means much higher tip-speed and that translates to longer casts and more positive hook sets, even in deep water. GLX pushes the bar on sensitivity.  NRX takes it to completely new level.  It's so sensitive it's insane!  This may be the finest bass rod you'll ever hold in your hand!

NRX 854C JWR: Thanks to NRX technology, this magnum-powered big bass, jig and worm rod may be the best we've ever made!! It's a fast-action, power-oriented casting and pitching stick designed specifically for fishing big bass in heavy cover.  If you're familiar with our GLX rods and their legendary light weight and sensitivity, this rod will shock you.  NRX makes it so light and so sensitive it's unbelievable. You'll find yourself setting the hook before the bass can even think about heading back into the brush!  It’s sneaky powerful and magically quick for such a powerful rod.  It will keep you one step ahead of the bass.  They'll be heading for the net before they know what hit them!

NRX 893C JWR: We originally designed this rod to fish soft jerk-baits and Senko’s, but anglers quickly found it to be an incredible jig and worm rod, especially in deep water.  The extra length creates a much wider tip arc, which creates higher tip-speed and that translates into more positive hook-sets and increased casting distance. It's a great combination of power and casting ease and thanks to our new NRX technology; it's so light and so incredibly sensitive you'll be blown away!  It will cast soft jerk-baits that proverbial "country mile" and will tell you everything that happens at the end of your line with an almost mystical clarity.  Talk about keep you focused?  You'll feel every single thing you touch and when a bass engulf your bait, there's no doubt about it!!

NRX 873C CRR: This rod is designed to fish soft plastics on a leader behind a heavy sinker for a couple of good reasons. The heavy sinker helps you maintain positive contact with the bottom and it also creates a lot of commotion.  Once you've got the bass's attention, the next thing to come along is the meal...  Bingo!  It can be tough to feel the bite because of all that weight ahead of the lure, but thanks to our NRX Technology, you'll feel everything that happens to your bait down there. The extra length moves a lot of line so you'll experience positive hook-sets. It's difficult to imagine a rod so light can be so powerful and it's so insanely sensitive you'll wonder how we did it, but that's our secret and your advantage!!

G.Loomis Spinning Rod Descriptions

NRX 802S JWR: Here's a rod that will allow you to fish small baits with light line and still be able to control a big fish, even in fairly heavy cover. It's made for fishing clear, open water, but when fishing pressure makes the bite really tough, you'll have the answer. It's so incredibly light that you won't believe it, and talk about sensitive!  Thanks to NRX, it's the lightest, strongest most sensitive, high-performance magnum-tapered spinning rod we've ever made. Catching those finicky, pressured fish won't seem like such a challenge any more.  NRX has you covered!

NRX 803S JWR: There are times when you need the power and action of a casting rod, but conditions dictate smaller, lighter baits and you prefer a spinning rod.  Whether it's lighter baits or lighter line or both, this new NRX has all the right stuff.   It’s so light and sensitive it's insane!  When you first pick it up you'll wonder how a rod so light will handle those big bass, but once you've hooked one you'll know what we mean. This model is designed to fish medium-sized soft plastics and light jigs, but it will handle top-water baits or even a spinner-bait, no problem.  There's no doubt about what's going on at the end anymore thanks to NRX!

NRX 852S JWR: Sometimes it's just difficult, especially in the wind, to cast lightweight lures and smaller soft plastics.  That used to be an issue, but not any more thanks to NRX Technology!  First of all, you'll be amazed at how light this rod is and if you doubt the power, just rig it up and give it a try.  Only then will you understand what high performance is all about.  Add to that sensitivity beyond belief and you've to an NRX. The extra-fast taper allows you to make low, accurate casts so you can fish right up under the brush and when a real "toad" grabs your bait you'll be in total control.  If you need a rig to cast soft plastic jerk-baits and Senko’s, this is the one. 

NRX 822S DSR: This rod takes the drop-shot technique to an entirely new level.  A soft tip that allows you to see the bite before the fish feels it is one thing, but feeling that almost inaudible tick as it happens, is almost like an unfair advantage. This model is made for deep-water and heavier cover, but it's still soft enough to be effective. When those big spots suspend in the trees on popular impoundments like Georgia's Lake Lanier, this is the rod you want in your hands.  NRX makes it so sensitive that you'll know everything that happens at the end of your line and it still has enough power to pull a big away from trouble. You won't find a more sensitive rod on the planet!

NRX 822S SYR: There's a unique action required to fish the ShakyHead technique. It's subtle, but it makes a difference. All of our ShakyHead rods are designed with a mid-tip flex so you can work the bait properly and still react quickly when the fish bites. This 2-power ShakyHead rod is made for fishing in deeper water where you need slightly heavier line to keep fish out of the brush. It's deceptive in its power and thanks to NRX is so light and insanely sensitive you won't believe it. If you want the ultimate in a finesse fishing rod look no further. We've got you covered! Its sneaky powerful and so sensitive it's incredible!









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