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ICAST 2010 Coverage

Daiwa’s Freshwater Reel Offerings and a new Logo


Date: 7/17/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: While Daiwa’s saltwater reel introductions were chock full of exciting products the freshwater side of things was somewhat limited. Sorry guys, no Pixy this year. After fishing with Japan’s new Pixy this was of particular disappointment to our Enthusiast Editor, Cal, who is fond of the 5.6oz. JDM finesse reel.


A new look for Daiwa


D-Vec: You have no doubt seen the new Daiwa logo already if you are a fan of JDM tackle. This ICAST Daiwa fishing tackle officially adopted their new logo identity for fishing tackle as part of a world-wide branding initiative.  Formerly known as Daiwa Seiko, Inc., Tokyo, Japan, Daiwa's world-wide headquarters has officially changed its name to Globeride, Inc., bringing the company's outdoor sports related companies under one umbrella name.  Companies involved in golf, racquet sports, bicycling, sports clothing and other areas will retain their separate brand identities under the Globeride umbrella.  Because the Daiwa brand has been strongly identified with quality fishing tackle for over 50 years, it remains the world-wide brand for fishing equipment.  


Daiwa's D-Vec logo and new packaging... very clean looking


While the Daiwa brand moves forward, its long-standing logo has undergone a substantial modernization upgrade to lead the company into the next 50 years.  The Vector design of the new Daiwa logo features a straight and angular typeface, representing the precision and forward-thinking direction of Daiwa's technology and innovations.  The shortened, iconic version is called the D-Vec.  Derived from the D in Daiwa and likewise representing a forward direction of movement, it is a distinctive and Daiwa hopes it will be an easily recognized brand mark by future generations of anglers.


Daiwa will start shipping two reels with alternate spare spools


Alternate Capacity Spinning Reels: Introduced at the show by Daiwa were two new spinning reel families with alternate-capacity spare spools for a broader choice of lines. Sometimes anglers want to use a lighter line, but don't want to empty their wallets wrapping hundreds of yards of fine-diameter line onto a high-capacity spool. Yet at times you may need a higher capacity spool to hold heavier lines. In either case, it is important to keep your spool filled with line or casting distance is impaired. Now Daiwa offers two new spinning reel families that give you a choice.  New Exceler High Speed and Emblem Pro reels come with an alternate-capacity aluminum spare spool. It's like having two reels in one and allows you to better prepare for trips where you will target multiple species with a variety of lure types. Exceler High Speed reels are available in sizes from freshwater to light saltwater, while Emblem Pro are designed for heavier saltwater boat and surf fishing applications, both come paired with spools of varying capacities.


Like a mini Dendoh reel the Compact ICV is designed for freshwater species


Compact ICV line counter reels: Designed for trolling applications like fishing for Walleye Daiwa introduced a number of digital readout line counter reels that measure line let out in feet. Powering the counter display with long-life Lithium cell batteries are two compact digital line counter models, Accudepth® ADICV15 and 15L.  An IC digital counter measuring line out in feet makes these compact, low-profile reels perfect for suspended walleye, bass or trout.


The color kept us thinking.... Sol


The counter lets anglers accurately target suspended fish or inviting structure that have been located on your graph. These reels feature a compact low profile design that incorporates the counter and readout right above the spool. The reel’s color is identical to the orange found on the old Daiwa Sol and the reel is equipped with 3 ball bearings plus one roller bearing. A smooth multi-disc drag helps keep fish on the line once they strike and are being fought back to the boat. The saltwater ICV version is larger and more advanced featuring a solar panel assist system. The ADICV15 and 15L (left hand version) both retail for only $149.95.


Though already launched prior to ICAST the Zillion Type R is the new high performance reel from Daiwa this season


Zillion Type-R: Finally we come to the Type-R. A few retailers actually got a few reels leading up to ICAST, and all of them are pretty much sold out nationwide. If you were lucky enough to pick one up you have one of the few reels that were made available until Daiwa ramps up delivery of the reel in the September-October timeframe. This stealthy looking reel is capable of pulling in 32" of line with every crank of the handle, Daiwa's new Zillion Type R baitcasting reel is among the fastest ever built. 


The reel features a swept carbon fiber handle


Creating the speed is a massive, high-tensile brass alloy drive gear pushing a brass alloy pinion gear at a 7.3 to 1 ratio.  That means every time you crank the reel's handle one turn, the spool rotates 7.3 turns. Gear teeth within the reel are precision Helical cut (cut at an angle) for smooth winding and even transmission of winding energy.  To further ensure adequate winding power, eleven ball bearings firmly support the drive train within a rigid aluminum frame so energy flows efficiently with less wear and stress.


A closer look at the carbon fiber handle, very sporty looking. This could very well be the best Zillion reel stateside yet


The speed of the new Type R makes it the perfect tool for target fishing. Toss to an inviting stickup work the area around it burn your bait back with less wasted time in unproductive water. The whole point of this reel is to keep your lure in high-potential water, wasting minimal time in low-potential water. Each of these Type-R retails for $399.95, which gets it pretty close to Steez territory. How many more Zillions can Daiwa introduce? It seems like every year a new version is introduced and spec-wise the Type R looks like the best one yet.










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