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Date: 7/19/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Boomerang Tools
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: We first learned about the Boomerang pliers at ICAST 2009 in Orlando. Fast forward a year later and the company has refined their offerings and introduced higher end models and had some new prototypes of soon to come new tools.


Do you remember the Boomerang tool from ICAST in Orlando? The pliers have now been refined greatly


Retractable Multi-Use Pliers: The main feature behind the Boomerang Pliers is that there is an integrated retractable lanyard that allows the tool to come back to you when not extended. The original version was constructed out of aircraft grade cast aluminum but the jaws were not replaceable.


The new machined aluminum version has replacable steel jaws


This season the company introduced new stainless steel versions for heavy duty applications as well as a machined aluminum version with replaceable jaw ends. This allows anglers to configure the pliers for different applications, for example using the split ring jaws for saltwater fishing. The original tool was red and grey and it seems the company has now locked down a new color scheme of blue and red.


A look at a different jaw option and the underside of the pliers


The new pliers look more refined and the anodized aluminum parts looks very high quality. All of the pliers now feature slip resistant handles as well. To give you a better idea of cost the standard cast aluminum pliers retail for $39.95 and the new machined aluminum version with replaceable steel jaw ends costs $69.95.


The line snip prototype has a built in retractor...


Line Snip: The team at Boomerang also showed us a prototype of a new line snip, the final version will feature the same blue and red colors of their pliers. The line snip features small jaws in front of the snips and as you expect there is a built in retractor. By attaching it to a small carabiner it can be attached to the button on any shirt or belt loop.


...as well as an integrated LED light


This is a great tool for anglers that fish in low light conditions as there is a LED light built into the front of the tool that can be easily activated while cutting. The jaws on the tool are stainless steel and are capable of slicing through braid. 


The Lockblade knife in close position


Lockblade Knife: Also new for Boomerang is a upcoming Lockblade knife. It is able to be opened with one hand very easily and locks into place once open. The 440C blade has both a fine and serrated edge and can cut everything from line to rope. 


The 440C blade has both a fine and serrated blade and no point for safety


The knife is not pointed at the end for safety and does have an integrated retractor but unlike the other Boomerang tools the Lockblade Knife's retractor is under less tension so it wont come flying back at you.


Kelly Malvini shows us the new Boomerang tools


Conclusion: In the last year Boomerang has vastly expanded their lineup of offerings as well as refined their original pliers. The prototypes we checked out at the show all have two things in common, they have built in retractors and are well thought out for their particular angling applications. Though not discussed in this coverage the company also offers other tools with built in retractors including wire strippers, a golf divot repair tool and even a photo brush tool. What else can Boomerang add to their portfolio of retractable tools? We are sure to see plenty more over the course of the next year.












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