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Date: 8/8/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Used by some of the biggest pros on tour including Dean Rojas and Jeff Kriet, Big Bite Baits are designed to get the biggest fish to bite. While the company is best known for their wide array of plastics for bass fishing they also have tiny plastics and jigs for crappie.


The Cane Thumper looks half worm half paddletail


Cane Thumper: The Cane Thumper s a paddletail with the same profile and body shape as other Rojas Big Bite baits and comes with a more detailed head and protruding ribs on the bottom and hook pockets on the top, bottom and sides.


The underside has protruding ribs


These hook pockets give the Cane Thumper less plastic in the core of the bait to ball up on your hook point and interfere with hook sets. The bait is 5 inches in length and available in a ten colors including Alewife, watermelon, pearl and tilapia.


A look at the paddletail


The bait can be rigged Texas with or without a weighted hook and can be used a trailer on vibrating jigs or swim jigs. The Cane Thumper is very detailed and looks like it will generate a good amount of flash in the water as it swims and should be lethal swimming over both hard and soft cover or even in open water. 


The Flying Squirrel is a hybrid lure...


Flying Squirrel: B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Jeff Kriet designed the 5 inch long Flying Squirrel to be a hybrid between a finesse and creature bait. The lure features two "bulb" tail sections that are made from floating plastic. The legs holding these bulbs are very thin allowing the bulbs to float upwards and away from the body of the bait so that even the slightest of movements will get these bulbs moving.


...with floating plastic bulbs on long appendages


Sporting features from varying types of baits the Flying Squirrel can be used in both finesse and power techniques. The Flying Squirrel is designed to be fished Shaky Head but can also be fished Texas, Carolina or used as a jig trailer.


A look in the water shows the bulbs floating upwards as the lure is at rest


Sugar Cane Worm: Also new this season is the Sugar Cane Worm, which is designed great for finesse presentations like drop shotting and shaky head fishing. The 5" is great for finesse while 7" versions are good for Texas or Carolina rigs, The Sugar cane worm features hook slots and is designed to move a great deal with even the most subtle of movements.


Designed for finesse fishing the Sugar Cane worm can be fished shaky or drop shotted


Kriet Tail Lizard: Fans of the Kriet Tail worm can expand their arsenal this season with a new lizard designed with the same oversized tail. This tail gives the lizard a great swimming action and the larger profile of the lizard is designed to target lunkers.


Looking for a mag lizard with a tail that really moves? The Kriet Lizard might just be your new best friend


The Kriet Lizard Tail is 8 inches in length and available in nine colors including combo versions like the Watermelon/Chartreuse tail and Black/Blue Tail. It is designed for spring and summer fishing and can be rigged either Texas or Carolina style.  


Scott Peterson shows us the newest plastics from Big Bite Baits


Conclusion: Big Bite Baits can be credited with a lot of big fish on tour and there is good reason, these plastics have a unique look and feel all their own. They are designed to create a lot of action in the water and the finesse baits are capable of getting fish to bite even when conditions are tough. When there is money on the line it is no surprise that Big Bite Baits is a popular lure on tour. New lures like the Cane Thumper and Flying Squirrel will be available in the next few weeks and you can be sure both pros and weekend warriors will chomping at the bit to get their hands on some.











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