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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

American Rodsmiths Takes a Swing at a New Grip Material

Date: 07/15/09
Location: Orlando Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: American Rodsmiths
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Fishing and golf parallel each other in many ways from the design and construction of rod blank and golf club shafts  to the specialized poles or clubs for each application or technique. In fact, it’s often said you wouldn’t go golfing with just your putter, so why go fishing with just one rod? There are too many situations that call for a specific club or rod for maximum effect.


Introducing American Rodsmiths to TackleTour


While these two past times share many parallels, we can’t recall a specific situation where they actually cross paths or truly borrow from one another at the finished product level. The shaft of a golf club for example, can be similar to a fishing rod in construction, but you can’t make a real fishing rod out of a golf club shaft or vice versa. The stresses these two objects endure is too different.


New for this year is their V17 Pro Tour Grips!


Adapted from the golf industry, these rod grips are 100% replaceable and customizable.


American Rodsmiths has introduced a product this year that solidifies the connection between these two sports once and for all. Their V17 Pro Tour Grips are quite literally taken from the golf world and applied to the handle portion of their Team Series, Team Series Kicker Stix, and Wrecking Stix bass rods.


American Rodsmiths Team Series
Spinning Length Line Lure Price Technique
TS-FRS 6'7" 6-12 1/16-3/8 $159.99 Finesse Rod by Peter T.
TS-WWRS 6'9" 8-17 1/16-3/8 $159.99 Wacky Worm Rod by Homer Humphreys
TS-HHS 7'0" 6-14 1/8-5/8 $159.99 Hibdon Hammer Spin by Dion Hibdon
TS-JBR 6'6" 10-14 1/4-5/8 $159.99 Jerkbait Rod by Bud Pruit
TS-WJR 6'6" 10-17 3/16-3/4 $159.99 Worm & Jig Rod by Danny Morehead
TS-TWR 6'6" 10-17 1/4-5/8 $159.99 Topwater Rod by Zell Rowland
TS-CMS 6'6" 10-17 1/4-3/8 $159.99 Chris Mccal Special
TS-SBR 6'8" 12-20 1/4-3/4 $159.99 Spinnerbait rod by Zell Rowland
TS-RTR 6'8" 8-17 1/4-1/2 $159.99 Rattle Trap Rod by Chris McCall
TS-SPR 6'9" 8-17 1/4-5/8 $159.99 Soft Plastics Rod by Kenyon Hill
TS-JWR 6'10" 12-25 3/8-5/8 $159.99 Jig/Worm Rod by Dion Hibdon
TS-MBR 7'0" 12-20 1/4-1/2 $159.99 Magnum Bass Rod by Mark Tucker
TS-CBR 7'0" 8-17 1/4-1/2 $159.99 Crankbait Rod by Homer Humphreys
TS-CRR 7'0" 10-20 1/4-1 $159.99 Carolina riggin' by Peter T.
TS-HH 7'3" 10-25 1/4-5/8 $159.99 Hibdon Hammer by Dion Hibdon
TS-HS 7'6" 12-25 1/4-1 $159.99 Magnum Casting by Marty Stone


American Rodsmiths Team Series Kicker Sticks
Casting Length Line Lure Price Technique
TKS-MJS 7'0" 20-80 3/8-1 $179.99 Magnum Jig by Dicky Newberry
TKS-MSM1 7'0" 12-20 1/4-3/8 $179.99 Marty Stone Mag1
TKS-MSM2 7'0" 12-20 1/4-1/2 $179.99 Marty Stone Mag2
TKS-MGS 7'2" 20-80 3/8-1 $179.99 Magnum Grass by Dicky Newberry
TKS-MFS 7'6" 40-100 3/8-1 $179.99 Magnum Flipping - 1 pc


American Rodsmiths Denny Brauer Wrecking Sticks
Casting Length Line Lure Price Technique
DBWS-WSB72 7'2" 12-65 3/16-1 $199.99 Worm Spinnerbait
DBWS-FJR73 7'3" 12-65 1/4-3/8 $199.99 Football Jig
DBWS-FR73 7'3" 12-65 3/16-1 $199.99 Frog Rod
DBWS-FP74 7'4" 12-65 3/16-1 $199.99 Flip & Pitch
DBWS-SWBR74 7'4" 12-65 1/4-1 1/2 $199.99 Swimbait
DBWS-BCR76 7'6" 12-65 1/4-1 1/2 $199.99 Big Carolina Rig
DBWS-PFS76 7'6" 12-65 3/16-1 $199.99 Perfect Flipping
DBWS-BN77 7'7" 20-100 3/8-2 $199.99 The Big Nasty Flipping Stick

The advantage of these new grips? Better performance under changing climatic conditions, light weight, comfort and best of all, the grips are replaceable just like the grips on your golf clubs. Further, they can be easily customized any number of ways to help you identify your rods by technique, body of water, day of the week, etc.. The only real limitation is your imagination and, of course, your wallet.

The V17 Pro Tour Grips are on the Team Series, Team Series Kicker Stix, and Denny Brauer Signature Series Wrecking Stix (pictured here).

Introduced in 2009 are a series of sticks that feature extendable lengths fishable at any length between full collapsed and fully extended.

Other exciting news from American Rodsmiths is an introduction they actually made in 2009, but this was our first opportunity to see it and that is their Predator series of adjustable length rods. That’s right similar to the Mattlures Rods we just finished reviewing, several of the rods in this series have a retractable but section. The difference is, the butt section on these rods can be set at any number of different lengths between fully closed and fully extended. What’s more, all of the sticks include a telescopic front section that can also stopped and locked at any position between fully extended and fully retracted. Quite the innovation.

Our Enthusiast crowd should take note of the American Rodsmiths H3 series of rods.

These rods feature true, titanium fibers infused onto the blank. These blanks, as well as all the others in the American Rodsmiths lineup feature blanks built for them by Mitsubishi of Japan.

For our enthusiast crowd, American Rodsmith has a series of rods with titanium infused fibers, their H3 Titanium rods. The blanks for these rods, built by Mitsubishi of Japan (in fact, all their blanks come from Mitsubishi) feature titanium fibers infused to the outside of the blank up about halfway of the rod’s length lending extra power and support to the butt section. The H3 blanks span three separate series including the H3 Titanium Ultra Max rods (both fresh and inshore salt versions) with adjustable length blanks and recoil guides, the H3 Titanium Ulta Freshwater rods ( 15 casting & 6 spinning models), and the H3 Titanium Ultra Inshore Saltwater rods (6 casting and 2 spinning models)

The Predator rods not only feature an extendable top section...


...but many of the rods feature an extendable rear grip as well.


Garret Scherer (pictured here) together with Ric Hawthorne walked us through the promising American Rodsmiths lineup.


Though they've been around for quite some time, American Rodsmiths is a new to TT rod company, and thanks to Ric Hawthorne and Garret Scherer, we really like what we see so far. We're looking forward to getting some of those H3 series rods out on the water as well as the rods featuring their new V17 Pro Tour Grips!










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