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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Line Coverage

ICAST Coverage (Lines) - A Line for every Occasion

Date: 8/05/06
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: There were a lot of exciting new lines at ICAST, and manufacturers exhibited everything from fancy new braids to advanced new fluorocarbon based lines. Perhaps the most talked and asked about type of fishing line today is fluorocarbon. Formerly, a leader only material for line shy fish, this low stretch, abrasion resistant, low visibility line, is very popular with anglers fishing in clear water situations throughout the world.


Triton Mike shows Cal and Zander the latest Triple Fish lines


Early attempts to produce 100% fluorocarbon lines were rebuffed due to product that was too memory intensive and had poor knot strength. Instead, anglers had to rely on copolymer lines that offered a fluorocarbon core and nylon, or other material outer, layer. Today, the new generation, 100% Fluorocarbon lines have been re-engineered and are much more manageable than previous offerings. Though actually only produced in a handful of factories located in either Germany and Asia, there are now countless end product offerings in this space each with their own characteristics.


Triple Fish sells their premium fluorocarbon in single use and massive service spools


Triple Fish International: Triple Fish International is a Florida based business that imports German made fluorocarbon lines that are reportedly, more supple and clearer off the spool than their Asia produced counterparts. We met up with our old friend Triton Mike Bucca at the Triple Fish International booth where he quickly introduced us to the President of the company, Dave Burkhardt. Both Dave and Mike walked us through the Triple Fish International product line.


Fluorocarbon leaders for fresh and saltwater applications

Fluorocarbon: At the forefront of the product line, of course, is Triple Fish International’s 100% Fluorocarbon line. Gaining widespread popularity in Florida Bass Tournaments, this line is engineered to have 20% less stretch and much greater abrasion resistance than comparably rated monofilaments. Of course, like all Fluorocarbon lines, it is purported to be virtually invisible underwater. The big news for us with Triple Fish International’s Fluorocarbon line is its availability in bulk sized spools.

Super tough and abrasion resistant X-Line is designed to be durable yet still have a soft feel

Chum Line Leader Material: Taking the evolution of leader material one step further, Triple Fish International has developed a very unique line that is infused with baitfish scent to create what they have appropriately dubbed Chum Line Leader Material. Available in 25 yard wrist spools, this line is activated by submersion in water and designed to slowly leak its scent out into the water as you fish or troll. Their slogan for this line? “Chum Line Leader Material gives you the attraction action advantage which leads to more bites.

Triton Mike and Dave compare notes on the latest premium offerings from Triple Fish

X-Line: Mike and Dave also showed us Triple Fish’s super tough, abrasion resistant copolymer line labeled “X-Line”. Available in 440 yard and bulk spools, this has a nice soft feel and relatively small diameter making it easy to spool up yet it’s still tough enough to use in heavy cover situations. These were but a sample of what Triple Fish International has to offer. A lineup that includes multi-colored monofilaments (Camo-Perlon), specially formulated cold water line (Ice Line), and a superline (Bully Braid), this company is poised to make some noise in a very competitive market segment.

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