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TT Editors make their Holiday Gift Picks for 2005

Date: 12/11/05
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TT

It is once again that time of the year. Time to find that picture perfect gift for your angling buddy, or perhaps treat yourself to the product that you have been drooling over ever since the first time you laid your eyes on it. We asked three TT editors to make their top holiday picks when it came to four tackle categories (Reels, Rods, Lures, and Tools) and here's what they had to say...


Zander's Holiday Picks... 

Reels: Shimano Torsa - $669.00-$699.99 “The Torsa is the most exciting reel this season to hit the saltwater space….bar none. With the interchangeable cams this reel can be continually adapted to meet a wide range of applications, a real dream come true for any offshore angler. With this type of flexibility this is truly the gift that keeps on giving.”


Rods: GLoomis MBR783C - $190.00-$335.00 “If I could only fish with one rod for all my bass fishing this would still be it. The MBR783C is among the most reliable and consistent performers out there. Sure there are newer, flashier, and more advanced products, but the MBR783C deserves my pick just for being there for me season after season, delivering the same high level of performance. I wish G.Loomis would release a classic or commemorative version of this rod with the traditional low set Weibe reel seat, now that would really be something. The best thing about the MBR783C is that G.Loomis has them in so many flavors. If your recipient has been a good person this year give him a green or red GL2, but if he’s been there for you through thick and thin then hook him up with an IMX or GLX and it will be a holiday they will never forget.”


Lures: Megabass Vision 110 - $29.99 “Anyone who has read my review of this product knows that I adore this lure. Unfortunately they are not cheap, or easy to procure. Just getting your hands on some of the patterns is near impossible. These are really something special, and because they have value to enthusiast collectors the recipient of this masterpiece will more likely cherish the lure for along time.”


Tools: Lipper Tool - $119.95-$169.95 “The Lipper continues to be my preferred landing tool, especially when saltwater fishing. The cock trigger mechanism makes locking onto fish of all sizes quicker than any tool out there. Unlike all the other tools all it takes is the press of a button to control even a toothy predator. The built in scale is an added plus, and for 2006 the new Lippers come with an enhanced grip and lanyard making the fastest landing tool among the most ergonomic as well.”


JIP's Holiday Picks...


Reels: Daiwa TD Luna - $229.99 "If you like the Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z, then you’re going to have to get the TD Luna. This reel is completely machined and feels absolutely solid. It employs Daiwa’s Magforce-Z with an external plate where you can use your palm or finger to make quick adjustments on the fly. This will make a great inshore reel or even a power fishing bass reel for tossing crankbaits."

St. Croix Legend Tournament Bass - $200.00 - $250.00 "This series is a bass angler’s dream come true. This line of technique specific bass rods can help fine tune your presentation when flipping, cranking, or tossing huge swimbaits. This rod will surely be a gift one will make use of and treasure for many seasons."


Lures: Megabait Tuna Candy/Finder - $7.99 "Fishing for big game? Don’t leave the docks this holiday without a Megabait Tuna Candy, now called Tuna Finder. These trolling plugs are effective for tuna, wahoo, and much more. The Tuna Finders come in popular patterns that will attract big fish. A must have if you’re a saltwater buff."


Tools: ACR Electronics AquaFix 406 "Because we are fishing so much and at times venture into dangerous waters, a Personal EPIRB can be a lifesaver. The AquaFix 406 is the smallest and most functional P-EPIRB available today and it has features such as an GPS interface and built in onboard GPS that sends out your coordinates when activated. This is the one gift in our list that can actually save a life."


Cal's Holiday Picks...

Reels: Daiwa Alphas Ito Ai - $285-$310.00 "An “affordable” collector’s reel offering top-end performance at a relatively decent price point. I resisted acquiring this reel at first because I did not like what I saw in photo’s. Once I broke down and finally ordered it, I quickly found resistance was futile the very first time I held it in my hands and made that initial pitch."

Rods: Megabass F3-610DGS Aaron Martens Limited ~ $405.00 "If the Daiwa Pixy had me leaving my spinning gear at home, the F3-610DGS brought me back. Combining shear artistry with that one of a kind spinning gear, light line sensitivity, the F3-610DGS has reminded me of what fun it is to catch any size bass on light line spinning gear."

Lures: Megabass Pop-Max - $22.99-$26.99 "As intricate and beautiful as it is effective, a true enthusiast category lure...enough said"

Tools: Berkley Cyclone - $250.00 "With all the reels we have, and all the line changes we perform, we simply could not do without the assistance of this powerful and portable little tool."

Conclusion: So is it better to give or receive? With these products its certainly nice to be on the receiving end. But then again seeing the look on your friend or relative's face when you hand them one of these killer tackle options might just be priceless.


From all of us here at TackleTour, have a very Happy Holidays.









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