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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

Fishing Lures-Hardbaits: (Koppers) Koppers may not be the biggest brand out there but the newcomer to the industry has some of the most detailed lures on available designed for fishing in ultra clear water conditions. Grant Koppers, founder of Koppers Fishing drew upon his professional sportfishing guiding experience from the worldclass waters of the Niagara River Region U.S.A./Canada to develop the company's line of artificial lures.


Looking for a more realistic hardbait?


After spending years on the water examining the biology of baitfish and studying their movements, Koppers created their anatomically accurate line of fishing lures.


Koppers are designed to fool fish in even the clearest of water


The company is introducing a slew of new lures in the first quarter of next year but anglers this holiday season can already pick up some of the company's offerings to target Bass, Walleye, and Northern pike. Kopper lures retail for 12 dollars per lure and are available now at Tackle Warehouse.


Gulp! Alive! comes in a new container to help keep the lures in good shape...


Fishing Lures-Softbait: (Gulp! Alive!) Berkley Gulp! Ailve! is the latest version of Gulp! technology and everything about the bait is improved including the oddly shaped containers these baits come in. Gulp! Alive! come floating in "Magic Gravy" in small, large, or the new elongated Oval buckets, enabling you to recharge all of your favorite Gulp! baits by putting them back in the bucket. The new baits absorb twenty percent more scent and attractant making them even more effective fish magnets.    


...and the new scent is even more potent!


Scent improvements are not all that has been updated on the Alive! baits, they also have been reformulated to deliver more realistic swimming action. Whether it is worms, maggots, fish fry, eels, crabs, shrimp, or squid there is a Gulp! Alive! for you. These new baits are available at Tackle Warehouse.


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