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TackleTour's 2008 Holiday Gift Guide (Part 1)

Freshwater Casting Rod: (Daiwa Zillion Rods) The Daiwa Zillion rods are still fresh on our minds after winning an Editors Choice Award. These rods are "Steez" rods for the rest of us. Offering much of the technology and features of their significantly more expensive siblings, the Zillion rods are a perfect match for the popular reel series bearing the same name. 


Daiwa brings "IT" with the Zillion rods, and so does Ms. Casey


It really wasn't all that long ago that anglers dismissed rods from the top reel manufacturers, all that has changed now with companies like Shimano and Daiwa designing rods specifically to match up with their own reels.


Daiwa's Zaion reel seat is both lightweight and durable, not to mention it is sculpted to match the Zillion reels


The Zillion rods delivered when it came to just about every performance metric and make a great rod choice for bass anglers. Daiwa Zillion rods are available at Tackle Warehouse.  


The G.Loomis GLX Drop Shot Rod continues to be one of our favorite for the technique


Freshwater Spinning Rod: (G.loomis GLX Drop Shot Rod) Do you enjoy fishing drop shot rigs? Do you crave every ounce of sensitivity you can possibly wring out of a high modulus rod? If the answer to all these questions is a resounding “yes,” then G.Loomis has a new spinning rod with your name on it. For those anglers that are looking for an ultra lightweight, extra refined, and super-sensitive drop shot rod the new GLX DSR820S is our top choice.


Recoil guides like "abuse" and bounce right back


There’s still something inimitable about G.Loomis GLX graphite based rods, and whatever magic it is that gives GLX that crisp ultra-refined feel, it has successfully been translated into the GLX DSR. This rod retails for just over 350 dollars and is available at the G.Loomis Superstore at Monster Tackle.

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