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When Less is More, the Galvan Torque Large Arbor Fly Reel (continued)


Durability cont'd: There are no real problem areas on this spool when it comes to durability. The reelís finish is hardy, and does not scratch easy, even when the reel comes in contact with rocks. Some reels start to exhibit resistance after the reels are submerged, mostly due to issues with their bearings or drag systems. The Galvan reels seem to deal with submerging better than most reels with their compact sealed system. During our tests prolonged submerging did little to affect the performance and feel of the Torque.


The Torque underwater


When it comes to maintenance the Torque is as easy as they come. There is no need to lubricate the Torque reels, as the bushing in the spools is self-lubricating. Unlike cork drag reels there is no oiling to maintain the drag surface. Galvan recommends that you clean your reel every time after exposure to salt or alkali environments.


Working riffles in the Truckee


To clean the Torque start by loosening the drag all the way counterclockwise to the lowest setting and remove spool from frame. Soak both in fresh warm water and rinse both spool & frame thoroughly making sure the drag area is free from any contaminants. It is a good idea to inspect the pawl area on the frame and the gear area on the spool for dirt, grit, or build up. If you do find any just rinse that area again. Then allow the spool and frame air dry before replacing the spool back onto the frame and storing.


Not exactly a trophy fish, but nonetheless the first fish caught in the Truckee with the Toque


Price and Applications: Retailing for 280-470 dollars depending on size, the Torque is by no means a cheap reel. While it isnít the most expensive reel out there it does fall into the premium segment. The good thing is that there is a size for every application ranging from the tiny T-3 to the massive T-12.


Stripping line off the Torque is easy and the tension can be adjusted in minute amounts


There are seven sizes to choose from in all, and spare spools are sold for every model and  retail for a little less than half of the price of the reel itself. The Torque is suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing, and whether you are fishing a 2 or 12wt. there is a reel for you in this series.


Now that's more like it. There is Torque for everything from stream to big game fishing



Galvan Torque Ratings (?/10)


The Galvan Toque is built with the same quality we have come to expect from Galvan and makes use of premium components one would expect from a first class fly reel. The frame and spool are machined beautifully



This Torque fly reel performed beautifully in our tests. The OB series of reels was hard to beat, but the Torque did exactly that. The drag performance is not as strong as some cork reels, but it is consistent and reliable



The Galvan Torque reels are a decent price, these are not the cheapest reels out there, but they are worth the money



Lightweight design, wide spool, easy spool removal, and a great drag system help make this reel feature packed


Design (Ergonomics)

The Torque reel gets high marks for ergonomics. It is lightweight and comfortable to fish day in and day out



Want to go after some bigger prey? Galvan has a Torque in just about every size. This reel is built with the features and performance that offers refinement for freshwater anglers and durability for saltwater applications


Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Machined to perfection L Not the cheapest reel, but we think its worth the money
J Innovative drag is reliable  
J premium materials  
J Easy to maintain  
J Lifetime Guarantee  

The Galvan Torque is truly a functional piece of art


Conclusion: The Galvan Torque is a functional piece of art, and is as beautiful as the scenery you will enjoy when fly fishing mountain streams or saltwater flats. Unlike other reels the Torque is more about what isnít there, as so much of the aluminum is removed that the reel looks like a skeleton of most reels, and weighs less than many comparably sized offerings. The Torque is one of the few fly reels that can get anglers familiar with the sport, and those that are not, to do a double take and want to find out more about this contemporary styled reel. Though it is so modern in design it manages to also appeal to fly fishing purists, who will appreciate the reelís balanced feel, smooth performance, and surprisingly solid design. Sometimes less material can actually add up to more performance, and in the case or the Galvan Torque that added performance comes in the form of improved ergonomics and dependability.












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